Early Breast Cancer survivor of Radiation and Lumpectomy tX. just fired Oncologist

by Kerry
(Milan, Illinois, USA)

I was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Cancer in my Right Breast last November of 2014 at 52 years of age. It was Er/PR +. I also took Tamoxifen for 5 months, but stopped because of hotflashes, pain under Right Breast (liver/gallbladder?), heavy bruising/with painful capilary bleeds, and also nail pitting. Now I'm on Natural Progesterone cream but at 20mg. which Wray says is too little. I am confused and spending too much time researching on the internet! I read Dr. Lee's book. Now, after missing a period for 6 months, I started to have a heavy heavy period and have to buy more tampons and I'm worried! Should I have kept my Onc and lied about not taking the Tamoxifen-he never did a full body scan. Kerry

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Aug 24, 2015
Progesterone and Breast Cancer
by: davidgmills

Progesterone has been shown to slow down at least half of all breast cancer. See this article.

I would say Wray is right. You probably need ten times the dose you take daily.

Aug 24, 2015
follow your progress
by: letitia

just want to follow how you proceed

Sep 26, 2015
Study me!
by: Anonymous

Had a very painful mammogram as a follow-up to breast surgery of Right breast and annual for the Left as well. It was recommended I get an MRI by the Radiologist who reported my breasts were still too dense and he thought I may have a cyst in my Left breast, but didn't think it was a tumor. Still taking the progesterone cream (2-clicks) recommended by Alt. Doctor. I figure this Wray person is not a medical doctor, but appreciate the info. My surgeon actually told me he wouldn't recommend the MRI as it's costly, not covered by insurance, and would probably pick up anything resulting in a painful biopsy. I'm thinking of requesting a double masectomy as I don't have any one requesting to follow my progress for research. Oncologist office Doctor never called me back as a follow-up to a discussion with his nurse.

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