Dreadful low mood

by Maria


Can you explain why progesterone cream is giving me terribly low moods? I'm at 250mg of the 3% cream as you recommend. Each day my mood slumps and, despite having nothing to feel low about, I cannot lift out of the depression.

Except for pms. I had no mood issues before starting the therapy. This is not pms. It's just a low level depression.

I've been on progesterone cream since April. Kept increasing to solve my other problems, some of which are better, but the low mood has been with me for about 2 months. It usually feels OK first thing and then slumps, perhaps after my morning dose. Not sure.

Any advice would be much appreciated as the mood is such a spoiler for the better stuff I'm experiencing.

My vitamin d is very good. I've checked. All other things seem good. Just fed up feeling depressed, when I'm not.

I'm thinking of stopping the progesterone. I'm sad to do so.

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Aug 12, 2022
Dreadful low mood
by: Joy

Hi Maria

I am pleased that some of your issues have improved. As you know, progesterone therapy is not easy, time and patience is needed. However you are still suffering from Estrogen Dominance. Progesterone is a calming hormone that actually raises serotonin levels. If this neurotransmitter is low it causes depression. Often a sharp drop in blood sugar causes depression. Have you had this checked out? Are you applying progesterone no less than twice a day as suggested? Half the amount in the morning and the other half at night. Please read How to use Progesterone Cream.

Please consider taking some of the natural nutrients mentioned, see here. I don't believe that you have found the correct amount of progesterone that suits you and your symptoms. Please increase, experiment, see what suits you best. Once you feel stable you can then slowly start to reduce the amount of cream to a level that suits you. The aim is to make progesterone the dominance hormone, yours is not dominant yet. If after another month or so you don't see an improvement, then stop progesterone and see how it makes you feel.

Best of luck.

Aug 12, 2022
Split dose?
by: Maria

Thank you so much Joy. OK. I shall try upping my dose some more. I'm nervous, as low mood was not a symptom I got on lower doses.

Thinking about it. Although I get irritated and annoyed, the low low mood does seem to occur in an afternoon. I wonder if I need to split my dose up more during the day - do you have any thoughts on that? Could the cream be spiking avd leaving quicker than expected? I currently dose twice a, day. Thanks. Maria

Aug 15, 2022
Split dose?
by: Joy

Progesterone therapy affects everyone differently, in your case it would appear that 'low moods' would apply to you. It will clear as long as progesterone is used correctly and once progesterone is the dominant hormone which is the aim of progesterone therapy. Please consider using nutrients to help you.

You can use progesterone however times as it suits you as long as it is not less than twice a day as mentioned. If you feel low at certain times, use more cream. Your body is telling you when to use it. If stressed over some that may have happened during the day, this will cause progesterone levels to drop. If stressed, increase progesterone, Vitamin D3 and other nutrients. Have you had your cortisol levels checked as well as your thyroid? Are you taking iodine? Please view this video by Dr David Brownstein.

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