by Sophie

Hello Wray,

I have a query on dosage. I have ordered your product several times before. It is a lovely product and made my breasts look full and amazing! However I put on a lot of weight, despite exercising and eating low carb/GI. I felt very uncomfortable with the weight gain and was also extremely tired after application. I was using 1 tube per week.

I do have PCOS and understand the whole issue with oestrogen receptors being awakened and becoming even more dominant until progesterone takes over. However after 2 months I was getting depressed about the weight gain as my weight was my main worry, for wanting to use progesterone cream.

However I have found that on the 3 occassions in my life when I have taken Norethisterone 5mg x 3 tablets per day for up to 8 days, I lost weight ridiculously quickly and my appetite felt balanced, I didnt crave to binge on sugar and carbs. I would bloat for first 2-3 days then weight dropped off fast after that. I also had energy and was not tired.

But as soon as I stopped the tablets my cravings and hunger increased to what seemed more that what it was before the tablets and I would bloat up again and put back on the weight.

I took it to only stop my period for a holiday. I am aware of all the side effects, so therefor do not want to make it a habit.

But I was wondering what the equivalent dosage would be when using Natpro and should it have the same affect?

bearing in mind I was using a tube per week previously for 2 months.

Thank you for your time.

Your website is brilliant and am always referring people to it.


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