Dolores from Toronto

by Dolores
(Toronto, Canada)


I am at a loss ever since we lost Wray and I don't know who to address. I am enclosing an article and would really like to know your views on this as it scared me to death. I have needed to take high amounts of progesterone, so you will understand my fear when you read this article. Please get back to me, so that hopefully your answer will allow me to sleep again.


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Nov 13, 2017
Dolores from Toronto
by: Joy

Hi Dolores

I understand your concern but many websites often advise incorrectly, usually by uninformed people. The symptoms listed on the website that you posted are actually estrogen dominance symptoms and has nothing to do with progesterone toxicity.

The late Dr Kittie Dalton used to prescribe 2,400mg per day to her patients who suffered from severe PND and psychotic type symptoms. TBI patients are prescribed 1,400mg per day.

Estrogen Dominance

Progesterone Misconceptions

Nov 15, 2017
by: Dolores

Thank you, Joy for answering me.

I am suffering from hairloss and was terrified that, as the article states, it might be progesterone toxicity (if there even is such a thing). I am now wondering if it could be the drop in progesterone? I was on 400 mg daily, 200 morning, 200 nightly. I was finding that I was gaining weight and thought it now might be too much, so in the spring, I reduced it to 200 mg daily and later on to 100 mg daily. I then read that stupid article and stopped completely. I started that in the spring and by mid summer noticed hairloss that has progressively become worse. I have been hypothyroid but all of the sudden, I am hyperthyroid which doesn't make any sense. Could the reduction in progesterone have done this also!? I always thought that taking progesterone boosted the thyroid, not the other way around.

Please let me know your thoughts on this and anyone else who may have had a similar problem.

I did read what is on this site about hairloss and it just made me think even more that I may have made a serious mistake in reducing the amount


Nov 16, 2017
by: Anonymous

I am curious as to how you've concluded that you are now hyperthyroid? More often than not, if you take too much thyroid hormone, it can overstimulate the thyroid but it does not mean you are hyperthyroid. Since you do not state whether or not you take thyroid hormone I don't know. I would certainly advise that you take Lugol's iodine for the thyroid. Whether there is a thyroid issue or not, I would advise one take it.

Are you feeling sluggish, etc? also, weight gain is usually a sign of low thyroid - and estrogen dominance. The best way to test is taking your basal temperature first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. It is important not to get out of bed and move around. Put a digital thermometer near the bedside and when you wake up, place it under the armpit. Leave it there for 10 minutes BEFORE turning it on. If the temperature reads between 97.8 - 98.2 you are in normal range. Below that may indicate low thyroid. It really is the best way to test thyroid, not blood testing per se.

Progesterone is wonderful for the thyroid. I myself have had low thyroid but I take Lugol's Iodine 5% drops, between 4 - 8 drops and I take ThyroGold supplement 150mg. and I have good temperature, energy, and am slim. I don't take prescription thyroid or do blood testing. That is my personal choice. I went through all that, testing, etc. and was not happy with it.

I also take around 400mg of natural progesterone cream, and I am in my sixties! I find this to be very helpful. In so far as hair loss, you have to have patience. I have suffered with that too. When I have tried this or that, trying to find the perfect solution, I've hit a wall. What I find helpful is to trust your body, and incorporate tools in your life to deal with stress, such as meditation (which for me has been life changing). I can't say to you that my hair is full yet, but I leave it to my body. There is no perfect magic bullet. What I mean is - what I believe - is that the body can heal anything. Trust it.

Progesterone is a wonderful hormone, powerful and safe. Iodine is crucial for every cell in the body. Also vitamin D is vital to help the progesterone and a myriad of other benefits.

Keep the faith. Trust that you are doing good things. Your body knows what to do. I know it sounds ironic, maybe too esoteric, to some even ridiculous, but when we detach from outcome, our body has a better chance to relax into balance - as it is designed to do. It will guide you as to what you should take, eat, do. It brought you to this site didn't it? Isn't it better to be calm than hysterical? What good ever came out of that, pray tell! The stress caused from trying to find the perfect pill, cream , etc. - the perfect solution - just causes more stress. It sounds easier said than done, I get that, because we want answers. When in a more relaxed state of mind we are better "guided" to choice of supplement, pill, whatever it is that your body truly needs. But you need the tools to help, and that I have found personally to be (as I already mentioned) meditation and EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, better known as Tapping. Look up on youtube Dr. Kim D'eramo. She is wonderful!

And one other thing I will say: don't read articles such as the one you read about progesterone "toxicity"! Don't feed your mind with half baked "information". The research that Wray Whyte did for so many years cannot be compared to anything out there! She knew what she was saying and she helped thousands of women in the process - and still does! Every day women come to this unique site for help. I am so grateful to her.

Wishing you the best!

Nov 17, 2017
Dolores from Toronto
by: Joy

Hi Dolores

There is no such thing as progesterone toxicity. When reducing or even stopping, it must be done slowly i.e. 20mg at a time. So reduce by 20mg and stay on that reduced amount for a week, then reduce again by another 20mg and so on. If you reduced too quickly it can cause upsets and those horrid estrogen dominance symptoms will return. It could be that you reduced too quickly which caused hair loss. There are a number of other reasons that can cause hair loss too. Thyroid issues can also cause hair loss and weight gain. A vitamin D3 deficiency is also linked to thyroid issues, it also reduces the benefits of progesterone.

On a personal note, I tend to notice a little hair loss when the seasons change. It soon clears up though. Just thought that I would mention that.

Hair Loss

Vitamin D3



Nov 17, 2017
by: Dolores

Thank you Joy and Annonymous.

I should clarify that I was diagnosed with hypothyroid 30 years ago and have been on 150 Eltroxin ever since. My levels were never consistent. They would go up and down horribly and I could never understand why. In 30 years no doctor had ever told me to take it on an empty stomach. The internet finally did and I think when I finally did it properly, the absorption was so much greater, I became over medicated. I also started eating 3 eggs in the morning, and apparently they are full of iodine, which could have contributed to the overmedication. My family doctor refused to lower the dose, so I lowered it myself and am moving on to a new family doctor this week.

I have been reading about the desiccated thyroid medication, but with this hairloss right now, I am so afraid to try it. The thyroid issue happened at the same time that I lowered the dose, thinking that the symptoms meant too much progesterone.

Joy I did know to reduce it slowly but I am on prometrium taken vaginally. It only comes in 100 mg. doses, so I could only reduce by 109 mg. at a time. It has been wonderful for me for the better part of 9 years and it is also covered by insurance, so I don't want to leave it but by the same token, I can't reduce it by 20 mg.

I have now reduced my thyroid, am now taking 600 mg. of prometrium and plan to get tested with this new doctor. I truly hope my hair starts to regrow soon. I was also a smoker, but over this issue, I managed to quit. I am also concerned that 600 mg of prometrium might be too much once I don't have all those nasty chemicals and estrogens in my body anymore..

What do you think of this plan? Should it work?

Nov 17, 2017
by: Dolores

Thank you Joy and Anonymous.

I should clarify that I was diagnosed with hypothyroid 39 years ago and have been on 150 Eltroxin ever since. My levels were never consistent and I could never understand why. In 30 years, no doctor ever told me to take it on an empty stomach. As a matter of fact, I did exactly what I wasn't suppose to do. I took it with breakfast and especially coffee, espresso, which apparently is the worst thing you can do for absorption. In the spring, I started to take it correctly and I think the greater absorption, caused overmedication. Coincidently, I also started eating 3 eggs in the morning, which apparently are full of iodine, and that may have contributed. What a mess! My family doctor refused to lower the dose which was perplexing to me. He wouldn't give me a reason, so after 3 abnormal tests, I lowered it myself and am moving on to a new family doctor next week. My tsh tests were .13, .32 and .25. The tsh test before I started taking the medication on an empty stomach was 3.77.

I have been reading about desiccated thyroid, but right now, with this hairloss, I am really afraid to switch. The absorption just so happened at the same time that I lowered the progesterone thinking that the symptoms were coming from too much progesterone.

So, on top of lowering my thyroid, I am now taking 600 mg of progesterone. I hope this works and my hair starts to grow again. I was also a smoker but over this issue, I managed to quit. Now I am also worried that 600 mg. of progesterone might be too much since I no longer have all those nasty chemicals and estrogens running through me.

Joy, I did know to reduce slowly. Wary mentioned that often enough, but I love prometrium. It has been wonderful for me for the past nine years. So wonderful, in fact, that when I reduced it, it caused hairloss. I take it vaginally so that I bypass my liver, but it comes in 100 mg dose and cannot be changed. This is why I could only go down 100 mg at a time. I am not quite sure what to do about this but it has been great and it's also covered by insurance.

What are your thoughts on these issues please?


Dec 07, 2017
by: Dolores

Hi Joy,

I wonder if you would do me a flavour and tell me where I stand with these results. I take 400 mg. of progesterone per day and I finally found a holistic doctor to test my estrogen and progesterone. I really don’t know how to interpret them. They are estrogen <40 pmol/L and progesterone is 19.5 nmol/L. Are these good results or do they indicate more or less progesterone?

Thanks in advance.


Dec 17, 2017
test results
by: Dolores

Well, I have received no answer on this from Joy. If anyone else is able to calculate ratio for me, I would appreciate it since I am not quite sure whether I need to change anything or keep on as I am doing.

Thanks in advance,

Dec 18, 2017
Test Results
by: Joy

Hi Dolores

Your progesterone:estrogen (E2) ratio is one of the better ones seen, it is 488:1, it should be around 600:1, see the hormone testing page. I see no reason why you should increase the amount of progesterone used, unless you are experiencing estrogen dominance symptoms.

Take care.

Dec 19, 2017
Test results
by: Dolores

Thank you, Joy. That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear and since I am feeling great, I also see no need for change.

Thanks again,

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