Does progesterone help with complete period stop?

by Jike

My period has stopped for almost 3 months now. I went to an OB and she gave me progesterone tablets. How will it help with my problem?

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Jul 19, 2008
Does progesterone help with complete period stop?
by: Wray

Hi Jike Did your OB check for insulin resistance (IR), as this can cause periods to stop? Have you been checked for poly cystic ovaries? The progesterone could help your periods to come back if you lack it. But if you have either IR or PCO you would need to reverse the IR before they will return.

The cream is the most user friendly of all the ways progesterone can be given. Oral tablets are generally a waste of time as 80-90% is destroyed as it passes through the gut and the liver and the dose has to be high which causes drowsiness, injections are painful, buccal drops or pills are very bitter and suppositories are not much fun!

The cream can be applied anywhere, in the vagina or nose for dryness, on piles, painful or achy areas, the best thing for burns, wonderful on the face etc. Take care Wray

Nov 19, 2010
I'm hoping progesterone stops my period!!
by: Annie

Hi, I'm 43 and have been in premenopause for some time now. The night sweats started about 8 years ago and were really bad. I go back and forth from getting my period every 4 weeks, to every 2-3 weeks. The pain has gotten worse over the past year as well. I don't sleep much during the night, then feel so tired and run down during the day. Anyway, a month ago I learned about progesterone cream and have been using it every day. I can't say I feel so much better yet and realize it takes time for the progesterone levels to come up. I'm hopeful though!!

If I don't stop using the progesterone cream during the time I'm supposed to have my period, will I still get my period or will it just skip for the month? I'm due to get my period in a few days but don't want to stop using the cream. I am actually hoping I just won't get my period. It would be nice to be without it. Thank you.

Nov 24, 2010
I'm hoping progesterone stops my period!!
by: Wray

Hi Annie Peri-menopause is a very difficult time, for more info on it please see this page we have here. Unless you use between 400-600mg/day progesterone, it won't stop your period. You don't say how much you are using, but it's probably about 20-40mg/day? If this is the case, it's the reason you are not feeling much better. It does need to be between 100-200mg/day to have any great affect. But before you consider increasing the amount, please read this page we have on Oestrogen Dominance. This can occur and is disconcerting if it does. It is possible to regulate your cycle with progesterone, although once in P-M it's not. Bleeding occurs very erratically, as the ovaries are slowing down production of hormones. I do suggest using progesterone daily through P-M, because the erratic nature of our cycles makes it impossible to follow them. It is safe to use it through your period too, but if you wish to take a break from it, this is also fine. Take care Wray

Jul 22, 2013
by: Anne

Hi Wray,

I have been trying to find out how I can start progesterone cream if I don't get my period. The instructions say to start it when my period starts. Since I am so irregular, should I just start the progesterone cream as soon as possible?

One more question...since progesterone helps support the thyroid, and I am already taking iodine supplements, would progesterone be too much for me?

Thank you,


Jul 23, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Anne I'm puzzled as I did say "I do suggest using progesterone daily through P-M, because the erratic nature of our cycles makes it impossible to follow them." In other words use it as soon as you get the cream. I've no idea which cream you're using but those instructions are wrong! Progesterone should only be started at ovulation, and stopped 14 days later when bleeding occurs. Pointless for you as you are now in the erratic stage of P-M. Although the P-M page I gave you has instructions on how to use it, there's also more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. Progesterone doesn't interfere with the uptake of iodine, and only benefits the thyroid. Take care Wray

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