Does natural progesterone stop ovulation?

by Kari

I'm taking 400mg of oral compounded progesterone DAILY WITH NO BREAK for severe perimenopausal symptoms (anxiety, panic, foggy thinking, memory loss, etc). I've recently started charting my basal body temps, and I am not ovulating. Obviously, I haven't been ovulating at some point in the past, thus the low progesterone. My question that I am taking a high dose of progesterone, will it suppress ovulation from here on out? I find conflicting info on the internet regarding this. Some say it will help with ovulation, some say it suppresses it (aka: progesterone only birth control pills).

Thanks for any insight you can give me.

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Dec 09, 2015
Progesterone can stop ovulation
by: Anonymous

Yes. Progesterone may stop ovulation. My friend was TTC and on 200 mg of progesterone daily. It was interrupting her ovulation (my understanding is that your body produces progesterone when pregnant- when your levels are increased- either via pregnancy or through medication your body may take it as a signal that you are already pregnant and not release an egg). My friend ceased her daily progesterone therapy (with doctor supervision) and became pregnant. However, I would not use this as a means of birth control if you are trying to prevent pregnancy without talking to your doctor.

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