Does Flarex contain steroids similar to progesterone?

by Vesna

I had laser eye surgery 8 months ago.

I would like to know is it normal and safe to get the therapy with Flucon (Flarex) Fluorometholone Acetate 0.1% from Alcon four times a day almost 8 months. Is it similar to progesterone?

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Jul 05, 2008
Does Flarex contain steroids similar to progesterone?
by: Wray

Hi Vesna. Flarex is a corticosteroid. If your ophthalmologist prescribed it it should be safe, it's to prevent inflammation.

Naturally occurring corticosteroids are made in the adrenal cortex. Some progesterone is also made there. Both progesterone and the corticosteroids are synthesised in the body from cholesterol, so yes they do have a similar structure. In fact the starting point of all synthetic steroids is progesterone.

Plants such as the soy bean, Dioscorea species of yams, fenugreek and many more, contain phytosterols, two such are stigmasterol and diosgenin. As these sterols have a similar molecular structure to progesterone, they are used as starting points for the bio-synthesis of progesterone. This is then further broken down to oestrogen, testosterone, cortisol etc for use in HRT, testosterone replacement, cortisone etc. Take care

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