Dizziness for a year now

by Denise R

In January of 2010, I started to have spells of being lightheaded and dizzy. It would come and go. So I made a doctors appointment the same month. While there, my doctor asked me to describe the symptoms and she then looked in my ears. She said well I am going to be sending you to the ENT because it sounds like it may be your ears.

She then also proceeded to have the nurse take out all of the wax from my ears because apparentlty I had a ton. In February, I went to the ENT, had a hearing test and then saw the doctor, was told by the doctor that I had some slight hearing loss but after the other tests that he performed, he said that I may have Meniere's Disease or Labyrintis. Other than that though, he said to follow up in a year to see how I progressed. After the appointment and throughout the few months that followed, I was still being pestered with feeling dizzy and or lightheaded. No matter what I was doing whether I would be lying down or standing up. I would feel like passing out and then within a half hr. I would be fine again. This in turn, made me worry about the next attack and what could be possibly wrong.

I then proceeded to go back to the doctors a few times and was not given an explanation. Every test was coming back normal. After bout my 6th visit to the doctor, they found that I had low potassium and low blood pressure. I was told to take potassium pills and eat salt to increase my blood pressure and to make a follow up. Once again, I did and even after my potassium was back to normal, my blood pressure was back up, I was still lightheaded. Getting fustrated, I did google everything I could and went to the ER about 3 times, the ER doctor's were starting to say everything my doctor was.

About once a week, I would cry because there just was no explanation. I knew it was not anxiety because I have had GAD for about 11 years now and I know my body and I was not extra stressed. After the dizziness though and after ALL of my visits to the doctors, I felt like I was going crazy, at which point they would turn into panic attacks because I was at my wits end. One of the episodes of me being lightheaded was when I was at the lake with my husband, we were in our lake house with his parents and I didn't start feeling right, so I went to lay down and watch tv and the lightheaded feeling was so bad for about 45 mins that I wouldn't move because I didn't want to faint even though I was just lying there. My husband just rubbed my back but I just don't know. get up to the current time. Around Nov. I went back and finally saw another doctor, I think it was doctor number 5 in that office, she is an APRN. She pulls up my chart and says "Wow, no wonder you are fustrated" I said yup, my words exactly. She runs labs again and finds out that I have a Ferritin level of 22. She brings me back in and tells me that I need Iron Infusions. I wanted to hug her because no other doctor thought outside of the box and found this, so I said to my husband and mom that this must be what it was the whole time. In the appt though, I did ask her about it being my hormones as well. She asked me why I thought that and I explained that I have had PCOS (undiagnosed until this yr.) since I was 16. It runs in my family big time and I never have a menstrual cycle on my own. I have been on like 8 different kinds of bc pills since I was 18. The pills always affected me in different ways, I would be sad crying all the time, or anxious with anxiety all day. Or I would be depressed etc!

So at this point, I haven't been on birth control pills since earlier last year and haven't had a period since. Oh and I forgot to mention that in February after my ENT appointment. I had SEVERE chest pain, that those ER visits that I was telling you about, was two with me going in with chest pain. I had blood drawn and all was normal. I went in for CAT Scan and that was fine. The 1st time I left, I was told it was A-Typical Chest Pain and the second time, it was something else that was like what? um ok! Also in July, my pcp I think was so fed up with me being dizzy, that she ordered me an MRI. I did the MRI and it came back normal. In Dec. I set myself up for an OBGYN visit after the APRN doctor sided with me that it may be hormones and so she sent me upstairs in their office to get a second opinion on the PCOS and hormone levels that the APRN ordered. (Mind you that she didn't know what she was ordering) she just sat down with a medical book and looked up PCOS and started ordering tests. A few days later, I went in for a second opinion to the OBGYN and sat in his office for about 45 mins. He told me everything I thought I would hear. The results showed that I had high testosterone levels and high Andogren levels.

The doctor said that with progesterone pills, I will be able to start having periods again. I haven't taken them because I want to see an endocrinolgist before I take anything related to hormones from now on. It's now January and I just got my pcp to refer me to an endocrinologist. I also had the iron infusions (two of them to be exact) and now my ferritin levels are perfect. I am still lightheaded and have regular panic attacks because of everything but I have the appointment in two weeks so I am hoping to feel better soon.

I can't take it anymore. I just got so lightheaded this morning, I thought I was going to faint. I also have worn a heart monitor and of course I got the results from the doctor today and they said that there have been no significant abnormalities. Oh and I just keep on thinking of things because of everything that I have been thru. Tomorrow I have an ENT appt again and its to do an ENG test to purposedly make me dizzy to see if this is my inner ear. I went back for my ear appointment last week and was in the same bout as last week but the ENT doctor doesn't think it's Meniere's or Labyrintis. Got a lab taken as well two months ago where it showed my liver levels were elevated but not too bad, I just got blood taken for that last week and I am awaiting on results. At this point, this is where I am in in my struggles.

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Feb 17, 2011
Dizziness for a year now
by: Wray

Hi Denise It would help if I had your age, maybe you could come back to me with it? Nowhere do you mention a blood glucose test, because your symptoms point to this. The GAD, dizziness, chest pain and the PCOS. If blood glucose drops too low, too fast, dizziness can occur, plus panic attacks, anxiety, headaches, a tight chest/pain, and PCOS is almost always accompanied with a de-stable blood glucose. 50% of women with PCOS have Insulin Resistance. As you have PCOS you will have excess oestrogen and androgens, with low progesterone. Oestrogen causes water retention, the ears can be affected by this, which can upset balance and cause dizziness. Progesterone is an excellent diuretic, usually reversing the dizziness. I had severe dizziness in peri-menopause, having to lie down for an hour or two for it to pass. The whole room would spin, even lying down. Once I discovered progesterone the dizziness went. A critically important nutrient for PCOS, anxiety/depression, and a stable blood glucose is vitamin D. Please have a test done, for more info please see the Vitamin D council and GrassrootsHealth websites. The so called 'progesterone' pills are not, they are progestins, synthetic progesterone. They do cause the cycle to be regular, but it's not a normal cycle. The bleeding is breakthrough bleeding, not a proper period. Apart from this they stop ovulation, the last thing you want, as you are already short of progesterone. It's only after we ovulate that we make progesterone. Please see our page on Contraceptives. And for more info on progesterone please see our page on How to use progesterone, and if you are in Peri-menopause please read this page too. Take care Wray

Aug 28, 2011
Dizziness for a year now
by: KMilano

Be persistent with the ear thing. I'm finding out more and more that people have crystals in the inner ear that need to be adjusted. Ear and Balance MD's should be able to help. He did for me.

Dec 15, 2011
2 year dizziness
by: Shai

I have same problem like u..I've tried everything and been through to a lot of doctor's appointment but still nothing month I'll be going for an allergy test..why don't you try it yourself too and book an appointment and might have the answer of whatever causing us this dizziness...I'm really frustrated!!!I have a baby to take care with and it really bothers me cause I could not concentrate sometimes on my dizziness that I always feel.

Jan 16, 2013
I think its due to low progesterone
by: Anonymous

I am in same boat like you had low ferritin and had two iron infusion, I was spotting through the lueteal phase and the doctor says its normal for women. I feel light headed and low glucose symptoms always feel like i need some sugar. my insulin was high but no one addressed it.. Feels helpless that nobody test the hormones properly.

Jan 18, 2013
I think its due to low progesterone
by: Wray

Hi there Spotting through the luteal phase is not normal! It means you have a defective luteal phase, generally because you are not producing sufficient progesterone. Or you could be low in taurine, see here. Oestrogen causes the lining of the uterus to build up. The MMPs are enzymes which break it down. If there is insufficient progesterone to suppress the oestrogen and the MMPs, the lining will continue to build up, and at the same time it will break down. We have more info on our Menstruation page. Your insulin is high because you are eating or drinking too many sugars, many of which are hidden. Even those found in all grains, legumes, processed milk and sweet starchy fruits and vegetables. Insulin drops levels of progesterone, see here. It could be this causing the spotting. Sugars and large meals also drop progesterone levels, see here. Progesterone does help stabilise blood glucose, whereas oestrogen de-stabilises it, see here. If you should consider using it, please see our page on How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

May 10, 2013
how are you now?
by: Kristin

I see the original post was in 2010. How are you 3 years later?

Feb 05, 2014
Adrenal Insuffiency
by: Anonymous

Request a cortisol stimulation test for adrenal insufficiency

Jul 11, 2014
dizziness for about a year now
by: Anonymous

Hi there just read your story from a long time ago and would like to tell you I have been through everything you have been through. It's been 8 years now and I am still suffering. Would like to know if you went on progesterone and if so did it help.

Nov 20, 2014
Omg, my story is the same
by: Anonymous

Wow, after reading this you pretty much went through my life over the past year. It's horrible trying to pretend to be normal when your this poorly. I've never been this ill ever and I'm incredibly distressed. First I went to an ent and all came back normal, then had a load of bloods which guess what, came back normal. Then I had a brain mri scan n got told I had a brain tumor, spent a month crying to find out they made a mistake, now I've not got s brain tumor. I've stopped driving, I work part time and I can't do anything, not even the local shop as I'm far to weak n dizzy. I then took a chance and got my hormones checked out and boom, I've got PCOS. I've been on Metformin for a week now and all its done is made it worse, I can hardly walk about at home now I'm far too dizzy. I bought a home glucose test and all is normal. I'm very confused. Can you have the progesterone cream while on Metformin? I also suffer from migraines, visual disturbances and sometimes I just seem very spaced out, I never know what people are talking about, I get slurred speech, numb feet and just kinda shut down. Has anybody had these things happen to them?

Please help!

Nov 22, 2014
Omg, my story is the same
by: Wray

Hi there Metformin does not cure the problem, and yes you can use progesterone while on Metformin. Please read our page on PCOS for supplements and a protocol which does. It's not a quick fix though. Please also have a look through our pages on Dizziness and Migraines. Take care Wray

Nov 23, 2014
Thank you for replying
by: Anonymous

Hello, thank you for replying, I feel so low right now. Would you think it's best for me to ask a endocrinologist about the progesterone cream as I've nota clue how much to use n where to buy it from as there are lots out there. I have been putting maca root in my smoothie lately which has half helped but I have no clue why. I've often wondered if the dizzyness is caused by water retention as I'm always bloated. I wake up with a nice flat toned tummy n go to bed fat. Odd I know. I'm on nortriptyline for my migraines which helps for pain, I'm no longer in pain but has not helped with the disorienting life I have. Yesterday I went to the supermarket n nearly fainted at the checkout, so embarrassing. It just came over me n I could not talk, hear or see properly. Super scary. Does this site sell progesterone cream? Once again, thank you for replying

Nov 23, 2014
Thank you for replying
by: Wray

Hi there Please read that page on PCOS I gave you, I give an idea of how much progesterone should be used. Most endos think progesterone is a scam, although are very happy to prescribe oestrogen! Oedema does cause dizziness, there's info about it on the dizziness page I gave you. We do have a progesterone cream, we try to keep it as natural as possible, and as cheap too. This page gives info on the ingredients. Why not do our questionnaire, you'll find the link in the right hand menu at the top of each page. If you should consider using progesterone it's essential you read the page on Oestrogen Dominance first. Take care Wray

Dec 02, 2014
Looks like PCOS, but isn't... :)
by: DDW Atlanta

For many years I have been searching for a solution to my health's come down to one diagnosis that is being tested tomorrow...CAH - Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. My symptoms follow 11-Beta hydroxylase deficiency, coupled with with an added bonus: systemic fungal infections. 11-B is the second most common form of CAH, but even so, most endo's don't recognize it even when they see labs showing the hormones associated with it out of reference range. Been there... done that...several times!

Because of the enzymes needed to cleave cholesterol in the right areas to create the proper balance of hormones, this also affects how the enzymes react with fungi in the body. Thankfully, fluconazole (antifungal med) acts much like those enzymes and breaks up the fungi; in someone with normal P450 function, it suppresses the adrenal end products: mineralocorticoids and cortisol. In someone with suppressed P450 enzyme function, it's a mute point...

The symptoms of 11-Beta CAH allow for: low potassium, elevated androgens, which may or may not affect progesterone, and looks a lot like PCOS, but isn't. When I have dizziness, it's because my sodium to potassium ratio is off: I add potassium, and the dizziness well as my salt cravings. However, there are five different versions of CAH, even nonclassic CAH!

What put me on this alternative theory was: the stories my mother told of when I was born (at home, 10th of 10 children) wherein I went from being a wee boy, to a wee girl in short order (virilization); the facial hair I developed at 14, and the hypoglycemia episodes. Later, my youngest daughter began having similar symptoms: early puberty, body odor, pubic hair growth at age 8, urgency to urinate (mineralcorticoid deficiency), facial hair, etc.

So, keep an open mind to find the right solution for 'you', and also listen to your speaks volumes!

Safe journeys!

Jan 22, 2016
Please help
by: Leonie

Denise are you there? I am going through everything you described. Please tell me how you are feeling now? Did you find out the cause?

Feb 03, 2016
Same issues
by: Anonymous

Has anyone been able to resolve this?? I have had the same issues and am losing hope and am unsure how to cope or move forward. I have this feeling of spaciness and my head just feeling like a balloon or spinning - and just very out of it. I do have PCOS and high testosterone but it has lowered since my last check up and I feel no difference in my symptoms - I have been on progesterone cream and that did not help either. Any help is greatly appreciated.

May 16, 2016
Been there done that..
by: kikibeachgirl

I read this article about a year ago when I was feeling dizzy all throughout the day for just over 6 months. It all started when I decided it was time to take a break from being on an oral birth control for the last 10 years. After having major stomach issues subside after being off birth control successfully (read no dizziness) I decided to stay off the pill. Exactly 30 days after being off the pill I began to have chronic dizziness. I too went to a hundred doctors appointments including the ER 3x, family physician. ENT, allergist, OBGYN, endocrinologist, wholisitic doctor, acupuncturist, other specialists. With blood tests I learned I had PCOS and a hormone imbalance, lacking progesterone. I also learned that I am near intolerant to gluten and reactive to dairy. I was diagnosed with symptoms of lupus and arthritis all at the age of 25. I tried natural hormone supplements for 3 full months and they did not work. I was still chronically dizzy. I then invested in a glucose monitor and food diary. I had reactive hypoglycemia and figured insulin resistance was the cause. I overhauled my diet to be organic paleo and was still dizzy. My endo recommended metformin which made me dizzier and dizziness medication which didn't work. We even tired heart burn medicine, which of course didn't work. After all the tests I finally booked a sonogram to check for visual confirmation of PCOS , which I already knew I had based on my symptoms of increased dark facial hair, horrible PMS and irregular peroiod frequency. The sonogram confirmed our suspicion. I did not want to get back on oral birth control pills because my stomach issues had improved since the pills departure but I just couldn't take the vertigo anymore. I decided to just get back on thre pill to get my hormones balanced and guess what, the dizziness went away within a week or two. If you are feeling dizzy, believe me it's not in your head. Your body is trying to tell you something! I stumbled across this page again because I'm thinking about getting off the pill again due to stomach issues again. I've been on the ill for 6 month and am worried about the dizziness coming back since I still get somewhat dizzy when I'm on my period. Good luck to every woman out there suffering with vertigo. It sucks but don't give up!!

May 17, 2016
Been there done that
by: Joy

H kikibeachgirl

Wow what a roller coaster ride you have had. Your decision to come off BCP is a good one, all drug based Contraceptives have a potential to cause harm. PCOS is caused by oxidative stress and unless the inflammation is dealt with your will battle, nutrients need to be taken for this as mentioned on the page. Insulin Resistance is most definitely linked to PCOS. Did your doctor prescribe vitamin B12? Metformin causes a B12 deficiency; I hope you were informed of this.

Diet is always important for every single one of us, what we put in, is what we get out. Whilst the Paleo diet is good, far better results are achieved with the Ketogenic Diet, low carbs, high fat and protein. Gluten is a killer, try to cut back or stop totally, yes it is difficult. Eat lots of fermented veg and kefir, excellent for the gut.

Dizziness can happen when first using progesterone, but provided that it is used correctly, the dizziness will soon pass, but I would say that yours is caused by high estrogen levels, which is one of many causes, you were on BCP for some time, this would account for that plus there are well over 100 estrogen mimics in our environment today. Please read the page on Dizziness, take note on what it says about vertigo.

What is your Vitamin D3 level? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to every single functioning cell in our bodies. What Magnesium are you taking? Are you taking oral and transdermal?

Please read the following pages:

Contraceptives -
Estrogen Dominance -
How to use Progesterone Cream -
Progesterone Cream -
Vitamin D3 -
Magnesium -
Dizziness -
Insulin Resistance -
Environmental Toxins -

May 17, 2016
I found out the cause
by: Anonymous

Well, it took a very long time n I got progressively worse n I'm now house bound. The reason why my hormones were so bad n my migraines and dizziness were getting worse was because I have Lyme disease - I'm distraught! 9 years I have had it n my GP missed it multiple times.

May 19, 2016
I found out the cause
by: Joy

Wow I am not surprised that you are distraught, I would be too. I am shocked at the amount of people suffering with Lyme Disease. Please make sure that your Vitamin D3 level is correct as it does help. Also, you may find this page of some use. Louise, also suffers and has offered some good advice.

May 21, 2016
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your kind support dear. Surprisingly my D3 levels are actually low and I am taking it now. My GP won't treat me, there's something dodgy going on with Lyme disease and the nhs, no Drs seem to have the guts to go near a Lyme patient. I've had to go to America for treatment. Suffice to say, once all this is over the nhs will be getting one big fat complaint letter from me because it's costing me thousands of pounds. All I need is antibiotics and I can't get them but if I had acne then I'd get the same type of antibiotics for longer - arrrr! So to anybody here, I sincerely hope you don't have to go through this and that hopefully it's is truely just your hormones. If you suspect Lyme and have the nhs Lyme disease test, it does not mean you don't have Lyme, it only catches 10% but the nhs won't treat u without a positive. There are private tests but obviously a history of a tick bite helps as well as a clinical diagnosis but still, treatment is scarce in the uk.

Feb 05, 2017
by: Anonymous

Also same situation. Dizzies started a year ago. ER, astounding amounts of doctor visits. I'm a 4th grade teacher, so my life is very difficult right now. It comes and goes, usually lasting 2-6 weeks at a time, and does seem to be triggered by my cycle.

Heart monitor, MRI, CTScan, endo, gastro, neuro, audiology, physical therapy, acupuncture, and a naturopath.

Every test imaginable. Treating imbalance of neurotransmitters,, adrenals and hormones. VERY low in progesterone (37 on day 20- should be about 160) and 20 years of cycstic (not polycystic) ovaries.

Got off birth control. Ive always been thin-ish, and have gained 15 6 months. insulin resistant, literally impossible to lose weight.

Has bioidentical progesterone helped others?

May 31, 2017
3 diagnosis
by: Carole

I have been having dizzy episodes and poor balance for the past 3 years. My balance has been getting worse and I now walk as if I am drunk and regularly have to hold onto things and bump into things and have even fallen over.

Seen my GP repeatedly, been to ENT and neuro. Had every test going and no one knows whats wrong.

Moved house and registered with a new GP and today she has queried whether my symptoms could be hormonal. I am 53, thought I didnt have to think about those anymore haha, but theres light at the end of the tunnel again now as I await an appointment with the endocrinologist.

It was depressing to read others comments about how long everyone suffers without a diagnosis or cure. I am past caring what is wrong with me as long as someone can diagnose it and treat. I can no longer drive, walk across the room without nearly falling or take my dogs for a walk as strangely my balance is worse in open spaces and in the dark.

Jan 01, 2018
by: Karen

I have also had the same issues for now almost three years! It’s been the most debilitating and frustrating thing for me. I’m very resourceful and have always been able to overcome any challenges I’ve been faced with, but his is by far the worst.

Have you found out what was causing it? Are you feeling better? I’ve seen a lot of people w PCOS make similar posts and I do have this as well so I’m wondering if maybe that is part of the equation?

Please let me know. Thanks and happy holidays!

May 09, 2018
by: Anonymous

I have been reading all of your comments about dizziness and I too have suffered since I was 18, and now 59, but I am wondering if it is just dizziness you are talking or true vertigo?....As I am not sure, I thought I would share my story in the hope it helps someone.

In my case it is "vertigo", not dizziness, and I can have an attack last up to a year, 24/7, then all of a sudden it eases to small attacks throughout the day.
For years I was told it was menieres disease and was put on dramamine, which worked and I had no attackes at all, but then my country stopped supplying it, so I was left without medication.
Nothing helped, so I just lived with it...stuck at home for months on end, not able to walk.
Then a specialist said he thought it was vestibular migraines and tried all sorts of medication to give me relief, all of which, by body rejected.
Then 6yrs ago I found this site and spend hours reading and reading, until finally I took the plunge and ordered the cream.
I did what Wray suggested and started with huge amounts, and within half an hour my pain and stress started easing,
Within a week, the vertigo started to ease too, but remember, I am talking huge amounts of cream, which I had to use for up to 2yrs, non stop.
Eventually the vertigo eased and I got my life back, and to this day I am still using progesterone cream because I have to. If I stop, the first thing to come back is the vertigo, so naturally I won't stop. Now and then I can cut back for a week, but my body soon lets me know I have to boost it up again.

I hope my story rings some bells for someone.
If you can find the courage to take the advise and start using huge amounts of the cream right from the start, you will find with time, it was the right decision.
The hormones have alot to answer for!!..

All the best everybody, and I do hope you finally find some relief, as vertigo (to me) is one of the worst things to deal with.

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