by Dixie Dawn

23 years ago I had a partial hyst, 8 years ago my ovaries were removed. I regret it but non the less here I am with trouble, I have never used HRT except Black Cohosh pills right after the ovaries were removed as I had terrible hot flashes and night sweats. I started having sore swollen breasts and thought I was not supposed to use it so I stopped, I had no idea about dominance until I came here today. I have been suffering for years and afraid to take anything. I know know I have needed help for years and I need it now. I saw a doc who told me women didn't need hormones and it had been too many years so I was fine with out it but I am not and really need help. I bought progesterone cream and 40mg black cohosh pills I thought I would try the cream and half a pill. I just want to know if that is safe and will it help or what alternative should I use. My symptoms in the last five years have become worse, with terrible hot flashes, terrible reactive hypoglycemia that i never had before, terrible anxiety, headaches, weight gain, food allergies these are just the worst things and they all hit me at once about five years ago. Will the cream help? Will the "estrogen" help. Or is there another way?

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Aug 04, 2015
Estrogen Dominance
by: Joy

Hi Dixie

Oh dear, and all so unnecessary too. Unless cancer related, there really is no need for a hysterectomy to be performed. If only doctors were more willing to allow progesterone to do it's thing! It would have put you straight into Menopause hence your symptoms. See that doctor who said that women don't need hormones, is a joke, what planet does he come from ..... Mars??

Black cohosh did nothing for me, but it does help some women with hot flushes/night sweats, but not all. Progesterone can eliminate them altogether, but it takes time in some women. All your symptoms are due to Estrogen Dominance. For hot flushes you need to use 400-500mg of the correct progesterone cream for 4-6 days or until they ease, then and only then can you reduce the amount used. You would then need to experiment with the amount to find a level that suits you. I would say around 200-300mg per day would be the correct amount for you. Please read How to use Progesterone Cream. Your estrogen dominance symptoms will only clear once progesterone has become the dominant hormone.

Do you know what your Vitamin D3 level is as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. Stress destroys progesterone, vitamin D3, and magnesium levels. More needs to be used during stressful times.

I hope this helps.

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