did Progesterone affect my T3 and T4 readings?

by Randy

62 yrs, here, free T3=3.3 (2.4-3.9) and free T4=0.9 (0.6-1.2) Did the Progesterone raise these readings at all?? TSH was 4.36. thanks

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Feb 20, 2016
did Progesterone affect my T3 and T4 reradings?
by: Joy

Hi Randy

Well this is a bit difficult for anyone to answer! Are you male or female, and what was your level prior to this?

Feb 20, 2016
T3 , T4 free and THS
by: Randy

sorry, Randy-male, 62 yrs old.
TSH 4.36 2016 0.40-5.58
1.43 2007 0.40-5.50
1.15 2005 0.50-5.50
In 2015 I was on a low cholesterol diet, down to 155 lbs. from 200+. Late 2016 I decided to switch to low carb/hi fat. That lasted about 3 months, before switching back, with a greater knowledge of low carb foods. At the time of this test, i am almost out of Progesterone, down to 25 ml at most daily. thank you

Feb 20, 2016
high TSH
by: Randy

Well, looking up high D3 (8-10K) it can trip a high TSH reading. My Free T3 and T4 are fine. I will stop the D3 since there is no progesterone to buy for the time being and retest. thank you

Jun 16, 2019
by: Anonymous

My Lab readings: 2/9/2016: 5.20. 2/17/2016: 4.36 all good.

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