determining dosage

by lisa

Thanks for all the great information on your site, and a great product. I have started with 100mg 2x a day and it has been very effective to relieve all my symptoms in about 2 weeks.

Now I wonder if I can reduce the dosage, but I don't want to loose the benefits I have gained. I am post menopausal, 17 years, with cystic ovary that has been growing for many years, till the progesterone, now it is shrinking (may even be totally gone). I also have slowly gained about 50lbs over that 17 years, and I am sure the excess fat has been an issue in my problems. The Progesterone has not done anything for the weight gain (yet). In fact, I seem to be one of those that has increased appetite & weight with Progesterone. Hence I want to reduce the dose, but keep the cyst from coming back.

If you have any suggestions on how to reduce the dose gradually, that would help. I was thinking of trying to cut it to 50mg 2x day, but that might be too drastic??

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Nov 08, 2018
Determining Dosage
by: Joy

Hi Lisa

I am pleased that you have benefited so quickly. It usually takes 2-6 months before the body adjust to progesterone. I do feel that your body is still adjusting as you have not been using it for that long.

Reducing should be done slowly. Reduce by 25mg and stay on the reduced amount for a week, then reduce again by another 25mg and so on. You will have to experiment to see what dose suits you, but if you reduce too soon and by too much, your symptoms will probably return. Never use less than 100mg.

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