Desperate with fibroids

Hello, I have a large grapefruit size fibroid.
I have been using the progesterone cream for 3 months now- 300-400 mg. my fibroid has grown much larger!! What can I do? I dont have money and insurance to go see a dr. Please any help is appreciated!

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Mar 07, 2016
Desperate with Fibroids
by: Joy

A grapefruit size fibroid is rather large and normally requires surgery. Progesterone therapy will certainly help the body absorb small fibroids but the larger ones can be quite problematic and it takes time. If you do decide to try progesterone please be aware of certain Estrogen Dominance symptoms. Fibroids are caused by oxidative stress and anti-inflammatory nutrients need to be take to help with this, if not, you will battle to get rid of them even if you do need surgery.

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