Desperate for Help, Feel Awful During Follicular Phase

by Kristine

I have had a very long and debilitating illness diagnosed as CFS, Fibro and MCS.

I react to everything, even foods.

Here is the interesting part, my symptoms ARE ALWAY worse and flare during the first half of my cycle, so days 1-14. The further into the 14 days the worse it gets.

Pain, anxiety and panic, insomnia, fast heart beat, dizzy, nausea, agoraphobia, crying, depression, mania, low self worth, racing thoughts, negative thoughts, violent thoughts, anger, OCD (without compulsions), reactions to foods, supplements, etc - complete intolerance leaves me in a severe panic attack like reaction, weakness, severe weight loss, loss of muscle.

These are debilitating and getting worse after i had a chemical exposure and a virus months ago.

I have had benefit about 20 yrs ago when on progesterone cream, but I remember I had some trouble because I believe the dosage was too low.

I was getting estrogen dominance symptoms - night sweats, anxiety and panic, fatigue, PMS and really bad acne. I attributed it to the progesterone and quit.

Well, now I am in a complete mess.

I notice a real improvement in my symptoms as the period cycle progresses to the luteal phase - when progesterone is high. It's almost like by body goes into a complete meltdown in the first half of my cycle - and this is EVERY SINGLE CYCLE LIKE CLOCKWORK.

Any suggestions, since I am SOOOOOO sensitive to everything under the sun and have violent reactions to a large majority of things.

I would love to start high dose Progesterone cream, and have just purchased 3 bottles from you (giving some to my mom), but I am very afraid given the massive instability of my nervous system.

Any feedback would be really really appreciated.


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May 05, 2017
by: Anonymous

I also feel terrible first half of cycle. Can't take birth control.

Doctor put me on 100 mg progesterone pill (not progestin), morning and night, it's helping symptoms greatly. I find the oral pill more effective than progesterone cream.

Good luck!

May 05, 2017
This worked for me
by: Anonymous

Try oral progesterone pills. (not progestin)

Aug 02, 2017
Same here,!
by: Anonymous

Oh gosh, I've been searching the internet for someone experiencing the same thing as me!

Do you have any updates on how you feel if you've been taking it? My doctor gave me Prometrium, but I'm scared to make it worse!

Let me know, please!

Aug 05, 2017
Desperate for Help, Feel Awful during Follicular Phase
by: Joy

Hi Kristine

I am so pleased that you have decided to use Natpro again because you desperately need it. But I seem to recall you posting in October 2015 about the same thing your story just sounds so familiar to me. If it was you, I guess everything has flared up again because you stopped using Natpro Progesterone Cream. Most of your adverse symptoms are crying out Estrogen Dominance, I think you know this. I suggest starting on 200mg per day, every day, do not take a break. It is going to take between 2-6 months for progesterone to become dominant again. You may need to use more cream and a longer period of time maybe needed. You do not state you age, but if you are in Peri-Menopause, progesterone should really be used every day any way. Remember to use the cream, no less than twice a day.

CFS is a difficult problem to live with. Please take a look at the calming aminos mentioned on the Anxiety page. Do you battle to absorb nutrients, if so how bad? If it is bad I think the best would be to start on only one thing and work up. The first thing I would recommend is glutamine, it's an amino acid. The brain can use it in place of glucose for energy, it's vital for the immune cells and very healing in the gut. It's the only substance the lining can use for energy, repair and healing. Often in CFS the lining is leaky, so food can pass into the blood stream causing a chain reaction in the body. It prevents nausea and headaches too, please consider this to begin with. You should aim for 8000mg per day, anything less and it won't be effective. But start off on a very low dose like 500mg per day, you can get it in powder form, do not take the caps, as it means your gut has to digest the cap first before you get the benefit of the glutamine.

If you find this helps the next thing you need or concurrently if you don't react, is taurine. This is another amino acid, it's an osmolyte, guiding cellular osmosis. Calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium are vital electrolytes, but without taurine they cannot enter a cell so muscles become weak and in some cases cramping occurs and tiredness sets in. You should aim for 5000mg per day, starting off on 500mg per day, please find a powder form, or empty the capsules.

Finally you should also take D-ribose, this sugar is vital for cellular energy production. It is part of the ATP molecule which transports energy within all cells. Ribose is also used in DNA synthesis. You need to aim for 5000mg per day, again start off slowly. If you are able to take more nutrients, you might like to try the Energy Boost, will give the link below.

What is your Vitamin D3 level? this is vital and will help you greatly. Co-factors are needed. A lack of vitamin D3 is directly linked to fibro, it also reduces the benefits of progesterone and is needed for the gut.

Please read these pages and the references:

How to use Progesterone Cream

Estrogen Dominance




Progesterone Cream

Energy Boost

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D insufficiency/deficiency in gastrointestinal disorders



Take care.

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