Depression please help

by Anonymous
(Palm Coast)

I had my uterus removed in 2003 and ovaries in 2004. No doctors believe or care how badly I feel. I tried biodentical hormones after the patch didn't work. I used the patch about 8 months and the biodentical about a year.

I feel lost. I have no interest in anything. I feel empty. I'm not sad but I guess what I feel is depression? I am always very tired. I have put on about 20 pounds in two years, but I don't really eat. I have NO desire for sex, none. I really want ANYTHING to take to feel normal again! I don't care anymore where it comes from or if it is bad for my health long term. Who cares when my quality of life sucks now. If I could find medicine that works I could care less what the risks are if I felt better in the here and now.

From reading all this is sounds like I need progestin and estradiol? What do you suggest for severe text book symptoms that no one seems to believe? I'm 41. I always thought that PMS and all this stuff was crap. I think not!:(

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Sep 05, 2008
Me too
by: Dianna

I feel like I have been in a battle most of my life. I have been on drug co. hormones then off anti depressants, on and off. I have tried everything and anything alternative, vitamins. I was on bio-identical hormones about 5 years ago and I was on them for 5 years and off for a long time now.

I am in menopause or post-menopause. I was looking for a progesterone and found Wray. I have been using Natpro cream more than I should and I'm having lots of bad symptoms but I'm going to keep using it as I remember when I took bio-compounded it took time for my system to adjust. You sound so much like me I had to comment.

Sep 10, 2008
Depression please help
by: Wray

Unfortunately hysterectomies can do more harm than good. Unless it is cancerous or bleeding is exceptionally heavy and a threat, I don't believe the uterus should be removed. But yours was and now you're suffering.

What you do not need is estradiol and a progestin!

These are synthetic and again do more harm than good. If they do have any benefits I'm unaware of them. Although the brain, adrenals and glial cells make progesterone, the ovaries are the main producer. With those gone you are making very little, certainly not enough to correct how you feel. The ovaries also make oestrogen too, but so do our fat cells, so you are currently making far more oestrogen than progesterone, especially as you say you've put on 20lbs.

Unfortunately oestrogen stimulates more fat cells to be produced, which in turn makes more oestrogen. HRT and the Pill cause insulin resistance (IR), and I suspect oestrogen itself also causes it, I'd hazard a guess you have it.

IR affects up to 80% of the population, causing tiredness and weight gain in particular, but it eventually leads to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. No amount of good food or exercise helps. The cells simply aren’t getting the food they need.

It is possible to reverse this naturally, and we do have a formula which helps. If you are interested in trying this, please send an email from the 'Contact us' link at the bottom of this web page.

You sound as if you could do with some more dopamine, as a lack of this causes a flat, empty depression. Dopamine is one of our major neurotransmitters. You would need to take the amino acid tyrosine to raise the level. Start with about 500mg/day and increase the dose till you find the optimum amount. Also take 100mg vitamin B3 and 300mcg folic acid (no need to increase these), both these B vitamins are needed for the conversion of tyrosine into dopamine. Vitamin B3 is an anti-depressant too. Hope this helps! Take care.

PS Thanks Dianna for your input and do keep persevering! It's worth it in the end. It took me 6 months before I became 'normal' again!

Sep 15, 2008
Depression please help
by: Anonymous

I too have suffered from both depression and post natal depression. Off my own back I had to have my progesterone levels checked. These showed that my levels were so low as to be non existent.

I went to see a homeopath and through her I started to take progesterone (natural cream form). The change in my depression and moods has been amazing I really feel the progesterone helps me immensely. Whether it works for everyone I don't know, but I do know I would be in an awful state still had I not tried it. Having had depression for three years after my child was born, I know the deep despair you can find yourself in and hope that any information someone else can give you, regarding their experiances, like myself can help you to take which ever course is best for you.

Jul 23, 2009
Same symptoms
by: Anonymous

I too had a hysterectomy a few months ago. I have most of the same symptoms as you. I am on bioidentical progesterone and it has helped a little. I have every symptom you have. My marriage is falling apart because of it. I have a few other symptoms also... breast pain, I am hot all the time, I do not sleep much and low iron levels. I wish I could give you an answer but I just wanted you to know you are not alone. I would NEVER recomend a hysterectomy to anyone who does not have cancer. It has been the worst decision I have ever made.

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