Denise from texas

Hi wray thank you for your helpful website and natpro. I have been using natpro for about 6 months and today received my most recent order of 5 tubes. Well my question is about my previous order of 7 tubes which smelt off I thought it was my imagination but my husband remarked that it smelt funny to but just carried on using it. Anyway I had 1 and a half tubes left when my current order arrived so decided to open 1 to see if there was a difference applying the new one to one arm and the tube to the other arm and sure enough there was quite different odd rancid smell from the older tube whereas the new tube has no smell like other orders I have purchased. This also makes me wonder if while using my last batch over the last few weeks my hot flashes started to come back as if it was not working anymore although nothing changed in my daily life ie stress or new supplements or diet. My hot flashes eased away a few months ago so gradually reduced and was stable for a couple of months at 200mg aday but io say a couple of weeks into my last batch they started coming back. Do you think maybe this creme was off in any way or would it affect the effectiveness of the creme. The batch no is 35bd-4 hope this helps sorry to complain thank you

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Mar 10, 2012
Denise from texas
by: Wray

Hi Denise I'm sorry to hear about this, particularly as you've been using it for some time now. I have no explanation why this is so, and will of course look into it. I have no explanation about the return of the hot flushes either, as the progesterone won't have been affected, it's only the other ingredients. Unless the efficacy of the carrier oil was lessened and the progesterone wasn't absorbed as well. Please could you fill in the form on this page here. Your message will come through as an email and can then be forwarded to the relevant department. Your previous order number would be helpful too, as we always replace faulty tubes. The batch number is very helpful, as the lab always carries a sample from previous batches. We'll obviously get in touch with them too. Thanks for letting me know and I do hope we can sort it out. Take care Wray

May 17, 2012
Not received package
by: Wray

Hi Denise You do seem to be beset with problems in quality and getting it! I'm so sorry about all this, most strange. I've heard back from the order department today and they have asked a few questions, and made a few comments. They're not sure if they have the right Denise, so please confirm you're…….
Mrs Denise Karen Shuford
8300 waterfront ct
Fort worth, TX 76179

They continue with…..
She ordered 7 tubes on 30th Jan. We shipped on 31st Jan to the above address. We then got notification of non-arrival and re-shipped another 7 tubes to the same address on 13th March. This was returned to us on the 3rd April with a refund request.

You didn't give your email address when submitting the comment, so please would you give it within your reply. I won't publish the address as it invites spam, but it will make things easier to contact you via email, quicker too! If you have an order number or numbers, and any other info you can think of it would help. Take care Wray

May 17, 2012
Not received package
by: Wray

Hi Denise I've just had another email from the order department, forwarding this email they sent to you on …. Date: 27 April 2012 14:42:46. That's if it is you of course, and not another Denise in Texas! This is the email…..

"Dear Denise,

Apologies for this late reply to your message of 19th April (our auto-filing of messages sometimes develops glitches).

I can confirm we received the return of your order #18479 for 7 tubes of Natpro. This was originally shipped on 31st January and then, due to non arrival, re-shipped on the 13th March.

Are we right in assuming that you returned the re-shipped order because the original did eventually arrive? If so then many thanks for the return. if not, then we await your further instruction.

This will be copied to Wray who brought the matter to our attention.

Apologies again for the late reply and thank you for your patience."

Maybe it went into your junk box? I do hope I'm not sending all this to the wrong Denise and apologise if so! Take care Wray

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