Daughter has Anxiety/Panic

by Melissa
(Minnesota )

My daughter is only 19 and suffers from severe anxiety and panic attacks that are affecting her work and college studies you suppose Progesterone will help? I've not read much about real young girls using it......I do have 4 daughter who suffer anxiety too.... as well as myself. any help would be appreciated

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Oct 23, 2015
full thyroid panel testing
by: jayem

hi - there is tons of info on this site regarding dosage etc - please pay attention to the relationship between progesterone and thyroid function - as well, there are so so many variables that can cause and/or exasperate Depression, Anxiety and Panic disorders and you would be amazed at how many of these issues have NUTRITIONAL deficiencies found at the root (= low Vit D, low magnesium, potassium, etc - even chronic low-level dehydration can bring on panic/anxiety)

A doctor who practices FUNCTIONAL Medicine would be my first 'go to' - you can locate one in your area - just google Find a Functional Medical Practitioner - they are Medical doctors who have furthered their education to specialize in Functional Medicine (for people who like to, you know , Function! lol!)

A Functional practitioner will look at the entire picture, including hormones, and they are excellent at ordering the correct tests, interpreting them to help you reach optimal levels

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