Daily amount of Natpro for menopausal woman

by Anon
(San Diego, CA, USA)

Since there are 2,000 mg of cream in one tube and I want to use it twice a day every day because I am no longer having periods, I would divide 2,000mg by 30 days, which results in 66.67 mg per day, or 33.33mg twice a day.

Can you give me an idea of what portion of a teaspoon this would be and the best way to measure and apply it so I may apply it equally each day and not run out before the month is over? (I purchased three tubes.) Thank you.

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May 12, 2010
Daily amount of Natpro for menopausal woman
by: Wray

Hi there. Of course, 1ml contains 33.3mg, this will give 33.30mg or 0.20tsp which would last 60.06 days, or 30 days as you say, if used twice a day. 0.2 tsp is 1/5th of a teaspoon. It's best if you can get a 1ml measure spoon if unsure of what a 1/5th looks like. I do know Zyliss have them, please see here.

You might find the 66.67mg not enough, certainly initially, so play around with dose till you find the optimum. Remembering stress drops progesterone levels sharply, so more is needed over any stressful time. The amount also depends on symptoms, the more severe they are, the more progesterone is needed. If you've never used progesterone before, please look at our web page on oestrogen dominance, as symptoms of this can occur. Take care, Wray

May 15, 2010
Daily amount of Natpro for menopausal woman
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your response. I wasn't able to locate the 1 ml spoon at Zyliss or anywhere else on line. I just started using the product yesterday - I have no idea how I'll know whether or not I'm using enough. I've tried a similar product in the past, but perhaps it wasn't as potent or as good as your product, as I had no noticeable results or changes whatsoever.

I suffer from depression, anxiety, and insomnia, along with the weight gain that results from not feeling like exercising. And since I stopped using the estrogen patch, I am experiencing hot flashes, especially when I first awake in the morning, and periodically throughout the day and night. I've just been rubbing a little on my forearm, but I really don't know how to measure it - it would have been good if the necessary measuring spoon had been included with the product to avoid this hassle and concern about the proper quantity. Thank you.

May 18, 2010
Daily amount of Natpro for menopausal woman
by: Wray

Hi there. Pity you couldn't find the spoon. The next best is to use a 5ml measure from a drug store, a 5th of this will give you the amount you were asking about. Although I do know now from the symptoms you've given me here you will need more. In fact I would suggest initially you use a full 5ml tsp. This will give you ±170mg progesterone, which will be needed to overcome the affects of stopping the oestrogen too. You might find you need more, just play around with the dose until you find the one which suits. You might find tryptophan helpful too, a few studies have found a drop in the level of this results in hot flushes. There's more info on how to take it here. The page also gives a list of other nutrients which all help with depression, anxiety, insomnia etc. Oestrogen does cause weight gain, and insulin resistance too, you might like to read more about it here. Take care, Wray

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