cystic breasts

by Nicky
(Richmond, P.E)

Hi Wray,
Update: Just went to the doctors to check my breasts. He said it's the worse case of fibro cystic breasts he's seen. Mammogram in August. I never had breast problems before Natpro. Since January, I have never been lower than 200 mg daily. Just increased today from 2 tsp to 2 1/2 tsp. I educated my doctor on bio-identicals. He's very open to me using as much as I want. However, it's expensive to use high amounts. Is there any deals for those who have to use high amounts? Have you ever heard of swollen lymph nodes from cystic breasts? Whenever I have reduced too quick my lymph nodes swell.I want to get the breasts back to normal. For severe cystic breasts how high should I go? This almost 6 months of breast problems.I am in perimenopause. No uterus from prolapse repair, ovaries still. Have done iodine, selenium, multivitamin, magnesium. Vit D. A whole cocktail of vitamins. Plus I am on trimipramine ( antidepressant)I can't afford all the vitamins for depression with such high amounts of progesterone. How long should I stay on one dose with breast cysts before increasing?

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Jun 17, 2015
Cystic Breasts
by: Joy

Hi Nicky

For me, progesterone sorted all my cysts out, all caused by excess estrogen as you know. Reducing should be done slowly 16-20mg at a time, reducing quickly could explain why your lymph nodes reacted. How high should you go? That is a difficult question to answer as we are all different, each one of us requires different amounts. You may need as much as 400-600mg daily. If you are concerned about the use of progesterone and feel that it is not working, perhaps you should stop using it and see if it improves things.

Let us know how you get on.

Jun 21, 2015
cystic breasts
by: Nicky

Thanks Wray for the response. They don't always come to my email. Its only been 2 weeks on about 540mg of Natpro.before that since January going from 200mg -300mg to where I am now. When it's close to 8 hours since my last dose of progesterone my breasts get really bad lumps below and especially from armpit down on outside of breast. I was a mess emotionally off progesterone ( after my hysterectomy)so I'm frightened to get off. I can't figure out when only one breast is so bad. Can one be more estrogen dominant? It's so maddening because it's helping in other areas.. but I can't let this breast continue to be such a mess.some even breast tissue thickening. I guess I'm asking what you would do in my case. Would you slowly reduce the dose or stay where I'm at and give it another few months? I can't afford to go higher than what I am on. Sorry to be a bother. Just wishing it would sort out. I also increased Vit D to 8000iu. Thanks

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