cystic breasts

by Nicky
(Richmond, P.E)

Hi Wray,
It's been since January on not less than 200 mg of Natpro daily. I use lugols iodine daily, take 5000 iu of vit D. You say in other posts it should only take a few weeks for sore breasts to settle down. Mine have had cysts for close to 5 months that go up under my arm.this was not a problem before progesterone. When I go higher than 300mg I have stinging around my nipples glandular swelling under breasts. I am at a loss. My estrogen before starting progesterone was 460pg/ml. I have no uterus but ovaries. I'm 45 years old and in perimenopause.I just took a three day break off progesterone and multiple cysts under arm not improving. I don't think it's breasts cancer since there are a quite a few of them. I have taken all your suggestions. Today I started back on 330mg with no breaks. More guidance needed please. Thanks, Nicky

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Jun 05, 2015
Cystic Breasts
by: Joy

Hi Nicky

So pleased that you are taking vitamin D, it does make a difference. The 200mg per day is a starting point, more is often needed if cysts persist, I suggest 400mg per day in your case and persevere with that. You are still suffering from Estrogen Dominance symptoms even though you have been using Natpro for 5 months, progesterone needs to become the dominant hormone before symptoms settle down. It can take 2-6 months before positive signs are felt, longer if symptoms are severe. I used to suffer from breast cysts and only once progesterone became dominant, did they disappear and never to return again, thank goodness.

Are you getting enough protein in your diet? If not please consider taking 250mg of the amino acid Tyrosine in the morning. Please read the page on Cysts. Although you are taking lugols, have you had a test for iodine? I am not sure if you have read the How to Use Progesterone Cream and Peri-Menopause pages.

If you are concerned about them, perhaps you need to have them checked out, but I am certain they are caused by excess estrogen.

Hope this helps.

Jun 06, 2015
cystic breasts
by: Nicky

Hi Joy, Thanks for the reply. I am using 2 heaping tsp of Natpro. I think my big problem like you said in a prior email was constantly adjusting doses.I did this in the beginning because I was scared of the breast symptoms. I still notice when staggering the dose of 2tsp throughout the day every application causes estrogen stimulation. Even with a constant dose.My left breast was so bad I had lumps under one breast into armpit. This was after a huge drop in my dosage. I think the lymph nodes were even swollen and inflamed. Could cystic breasts cause this? Or a huge drop in amount. It's been 5 days with no changes in dose. I'm sticking with 2 heaping tsp spread throughout the day. There does seem to be a reduction in symptoms in the day but as evening comes it gets worse even though I use little bits of the 2 tsp throughout evening as well .I really think I caused my own grief by stagger amounts too much in the beginning and not sticking with a dose for long term. I was in constant estrogen stimulation that lead to a mess. Have you heard of swollen lymph nodes from severe cystic breast? This has improved a little over 5 days( sticking with same dose), but still feel a few lumps in armpit. Only one breast involved. I have a mammogram in August. Hoping it will be resolved by then. Thanks for the guidance Joy.

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