cystic breasts

by nicky

My breath have never been cystic. Since using high doses of natural progesterone they are a mess. It's only been two weeks on the dose. My question is should I wait it out? I feel tempted to decrease dose since I never had fibro cystic breasts before progesterone. If I add more it may get worse and I fear breast cancer. Comments welcome.

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Jan 19, 2015
Cystic breasts
by: Diane

Need more info...are you pre or peri, or post menopausal?
What type of natural P are you using? Oral, sublingual, or cream? When you say high dose, what does that mean? Are you using P every day or are you cycling? How long have you been on that dose and form of P?
My first thought is that you are experiencing estrogen dominance.

Jan 20, 2015
sore breasts
by: Nicky

Hi Diane,
I had a hysterectomy in May 2014 leaving ovaries. My estradiol levels are 490.Progesterone was never tested. I have been using it continually since the symptoms of anxiety were terrible after surgery. Palpitations, breathlessness, foggy thinking,poor memory. I am using Natpro mixed with the remainder of Emerita to equal 200 mg a day. I never had lumpy breast before progesterone. Now they are lumpy and swollen. However, mild depression improved and anxiety. The breasts are concerning. Can too much natural progesterone cause this. Since in pregnancy your breasts get bigger. I'm thinking of reducing. Monique

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