Cycling hormones

by Theresa
(United States)

i've been using bio-identical hormones for about seven years. I tried static dosing but switched over to cyclical dosing (TS Wiley Protocol) I'm 56 years old, and due to the cyclical dosing, I still have a period every 28 days, which I am fine with. My doses of estradiol start at 90mg twice a day, peak at 130mg twice a day on day 13 of cycle, drop to 70mg twice a day on day 14, then work back up to 90mg twice a day through day 28.
I take progesterone starting on day 14; it starts low at 40mg, works to a peak of 180mg, then works back down through day 28. Period starts on day 1 of next cycle.

I'm thinking my doses of progesterone are too low? I am having anxiety at night and depression during the day, especially in the morning. The last several years, the hormones don't seem to work as well as they did.

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