Cramping and period late

by Emily

Hi! I'm 30 years old and have been using progesterone cream which was prescribed by my natural hormone physician. I went through a period of about 6 months where my periods were pretty normal, anywhere between 21-23 days. I was very happy with the results. Two months ago, I had a day of spotting but no period. I went on with my progesterone therapy as prescribed (start on day 12 and use until period starts or until day 24). This month, I had brief spotting again around day 16 but no period and now have finished progesterone therapy and back on day 5 of a new cycle (just no period) but having cramps and feeling bloating. My fiancé and I didn't have sex last month at all but this month we did have sex on day 12 and again a few nights ago on day 3 of the new cycle. Any idea as to why am not getting my period but having cramps and bloating? Hormones are crazy! Thanks for your help in advance!!

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