Could the preglenelone be turning into cortisol in my body instead of progesteone??

by stefane sexton
(New phila, Ohio, USA)

Hello I’ve been on 200mg bioidentical progesteone now for about 3 weeks. I mistakenly stopped at cycle day 28 and developed horrible insomnia not sleeping at all for 3 nights. So I decided to stay on it everyday.

Even though I’m on it everyday I’m feeling anxiety and still horribly bloated. I am sleeping a bit better but not great. My question is: COULD THE PREGLENELONE IN MY BODY BE TURNING INTO CORTISOL INSTEAD OF PROGESTRONE?? I have read that this is a reaction sometimes of people who have adrenal fatigue. I have bad estrogen dominance after having UFE for fibroid removal and gained 20 pounds, bloated all the time and just miserable. So I really believe progesterone could help me but not sure if it’s going to be right for me if my body isn’t processing it correctly.

I am desperate for answers so if anyone could help I’d forever be grateful!

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Dec 05, 2020
Could the preglenelone be turning into cortisol in my body instead of progesteone??
by: Joy

Hi Stefane

Pregnenolone converts into progesterone so I see no reason for anyone to take it. Eventually it converts to cortisol. See here to find out how it works. Wray explains in more detail in this post. Please read what she has to say.

Progesterone therapy does take time, it can take 2-6 months before positive results are seen, longer is symptoms are severe. You have only been using it for 3 weeks. It does disrupt things when first using it, time and patience is needed. Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream and Estrogen Dominance pages. Use half the amount in the morning and the other half at night, never use progesterone just once a day. This will help progesterone levels to remain stable. You may need to use more than 200mg per day in the beginning. Once things stabilize the amount can be reduced to no less than 100mg per day. You will have to experiment with this to see what suits you.

Dec 17, 2020
Thank you!
by: stefane sexton

I really appreciate your answer! Fast forward a few weeks and I’m into around 5-6 weeks into progesterone. I found out my cortisol is sky high, and I’m feeling in constant fight or flight mode. Also my estradiol has jumped from 85-185 since using progesterone. I’m currently on 2 clicks bioidentical cream which my doctor said was 200mg of which my body is absorbing 100 I believe. So it seems the progesterone is turning into cortisol in my body. I don’t want to quit using it but I’m not sure what else to do to get this to stop. It seems since I had adrenal fatigue and very low cortisol to begin with my body saw that it needed more cortisol and turned the progesterone into that.

Do you think I should stop the cream? I’m noticing a bit soften skin but that’s the only benefit as of now.

Dec 19, 2020
Could the preglenelone be turning into cortisol in my body instead of progesteone??
by: Joy

Hi Stefane

Progesterone does disrupt things when first using it. Many people make the mistake by stopping when they experience adverse symptoms. It takes time and patience. I wish progesterone therapy was easy, but it isn't. If the amount used is not working then increase it, find an amount that suits you.

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