Could Natpro be bad for uterine cancer?

by SGM

I've been using Natpro for several years non-stop every day at the lowest dose of 400 mgs per day. A few times I was using Natpro at the highest of 700 to 900 mgs for a short period of time when I was having a hard time getting things under control but mostly at about 400 Mgs per day. I'm postmenopausal. My doctor suggests that bio-identical progesterone (taken alone without estrogen) could possibly be bad for uterine cancer maybe even contributing to it. If this is possible, could Natpro be the same as a bio-identical progesterone? Would the doses be of equal value between a bio-identical progesterone from a doctors perscription compared to using Natpro? I don't want to stop taking Natpro but if it's the same as taking a bio-identical progesterone from a doctors prescription then I may have to stop using it if what the doctor said is true because I have uterine cancer. My doctor is not at all familiar with Natpro, I believe she is assuming it is the exact same as a perscription bio-identical progesterone. I really don't know if it is as I don't know a lot about bio-identicals. I need to get this answered very soon. Please help.

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Jan 23, 2016
Could Natpro be bad for uterine cancer?
by: RJ

Hello SGM!
Many prayers for you to recover from this. I cannot answer about progesterone helping uterine cancer. Did you have cancer years ago when you started it or are you feeling it is what has caused your cancer now? Do you take all the other supplements that progesterone needs to be efficient? What I can say is that anything you are going to receive from a doctor in the form of BHRT will have synthetics in it of some kind. Natpro doesn't. You want the cleanest of ingredients. As for estrogen being taken....remember our fat cells continue to make estrogen until the day we die, plus all the environmentals we are exposed to every day. Again, many prayers to you to heal your body! Check out and were great sites when my mother had cancer. God Bless! RJ

Jan 23, 2016
Could Natpro be bad for uterine cancer?
by: RJ

Hello again SGM!
Ironically, checked my mail after writing you and this was in my email and I thought of your question:

God Bless! RJ

Jan 23, 2016
Could Natpro be bad for uterine cancer?
by: SGM

Thank you for your response. I don't feel that Natpro caused my cancer or is harming it, it is my doctor who thinks this. I know she is not familiar with Natpro. She thinks that since my dose was in the high range at times and I never took a break from using iNatpro that it may be a problem concerning the cancer. I got the feeling that she may ask me to stop taking it or use a very tiny dose. This is a new diagnosis of cancer just in the last few weeks.

I had a long thread under a different name and for a very long time about 2 or 3 years ago with Wrey. Yes, I took all the suplements Wrey recommended at the doses she recommended. I continued to take many of them and quit the ones she said I no longer needed to take as success progressed.

I had heavy peri-menopausal bleeding that became so constant and unpredictable that I did not even know when my regular period was. I was also in my early fifties so I knew I was not far off from menopause. I was not going to have any more children so I did not feel I need a period. I actually did not want to be bothered with one anymore. With the help of Wrey's advice of suplements and her advice of a starting large dose of Natpro I got the bleeding under control and stopped completely in just a a few months. Again, since I did not know what time of the month I would have had a period and did not want to have one anyway being in my fifties and a grandma..... I just kept taking the Natpro non-stop every day. I started to decrease the amount of daily Natoro at the rate instructed by Wrey until I got to 400 mgs as she said that was her experience as the lowest dose to stop bleeding.

I thought that the daily dose of Natpro was keeping me from having periods. I know that Wrey uses Natpro everyday herself being postmenopausal so I assumed that I would be also continue using Natpro even when I became postmenopausal. But since I was using the Natpro and not bleeding then how would I know when I did come to menopause? No longer bleeding is how women my age know they have hit menopause, right?

After not bleeding at all, having no periods while using Natpro for about 1 1/2 years then I started bleeding almost every day from very light spotting to heavy with clots. Some times I would have a day hers the there with no bleeding. I thought it was because I had gone below 400 mgs of Natpro to 333 mgs (2 tsp per day) so I increased the dose back to 400 mgs but the bleeding did not stop. Then I went back on the supplements I had been on in the beginning and started to increase the Natpro but again it did not stop the bleeding. Finally after even longer months of not being able to completely stop bleeding, I then even increased the Natpro to 1200 mgs for a while. Nothing was completely stopping the constant bleeding. I've never stopped using Natpro daily for the 3 years or so since I've been using it even thought I have gradually reduced down to 666 mgs ( 4 tsp daily) so far. ii have always daily taken Dr Cannell's vitamin D. My last vitamin D test was 80.

I also asked my Endocranologist if I could get a hormone test. He ordered only estrogen and testosterone but not progesterone blood tests. I was not happy that he left out the progesterone test. I'm getting one soon. But the estrogen came back at 7 so I know now that I'm postmenopausal at 56 yrs old. So at least part of that 1 1/2 years I was using Natpro non-stop daily, to not bleed nor have a period; I must have been in menopause. As I said, I thought it was Natpro the whole time that was stopping any bleeding at all even a monthly period.

Now my uterine lining is 22 mm thick and causing bleeding. There are no fibroids, cysts nor polyps. I have chosen to do alternative methods for the cancer. I did not care for the cancers tutor web site. I spent a lot of time on ithat site. I've read several alternituve cancer books and also Susanne Somers "knockout". I'm going to start out with using Carot Juice as a possible cure. The book called Curing Cancer with Carrots was one of the best books I read. I'm also thinking of perhaps doing Essiac tea at some point in the future. I'm exploring a few options with a nuropathic doctor as well. Still taking tests and waiting on results.

I spent some time reacquainting myself with the progesterone therapy site and I now know that Natpro is not bad for cancer. But I still have a concern and questions as to my constant non-stop use of Natpro before I became postmenopausal. Did I cause this cancer by not letting myself have a period by my non-stop use of Natpro at high enough doses to not bleed when I was in peri-menopause? I'd like to hear some reasurence that it was not caused by me doing that or a confermation that it might have been possible or not? I have to know what I'm talking about with the doctor if she wants me to stop using Natoro for a while if I dont want to stop. I need to know if I should take a break and stop for any length of time.

Can anyone help with those questions? My first thoughts are to not quit for any length of time because this web site pointed out on the cancer page that Natoro helps cancer. I wish Wrey was still available but perhaps whoever is in charge for her will know and respond to this.

Jan 24, 2016
Could Natpro be bad for uterine cancer?
by: Wray

Hi SGM I have been following your threads, but not replied as others have done so. But I would like to give you a few papers on high amounts of progesterone and cancer. This is one page you could read through….. and this is another here…. I did experiment once I'd read the study and went up to 2000mg/day, i.e. a full tube of Natpro. I reduced after about 4 months to half a tube, then down to 500mg/day. I suppose I use anything from 1000 to 500 to 300mg/day now, I'm very vague about how much I slap on! I see RJ also varies the amount she uses too. It's not something I would recommend to someone just starting out, then it's best to use the same daily amount until symptoms are under control. As for not letting yourself have a period, don't worry. In fact you couldn't have done a better thing, see the last sentence below. I came across a fascinating study by Strassmann in which she says about the Dogon whom she studied…. "The median number of menses per lifetime was approximately 100, about a third as many as experienced by an American woman who had three live births. These results contribute to a growing body of evidence that women's bodies were designed by natural selection to spend most of the time in lactational amenorrhea and add support to the view that contraceptives can be made safer if they forego the hormonal swings associated with menstruation. This conclusion is further reinforced by evidence that menstrual bleeding serves no adaptive purpose", see these two papers here…. The Evolution of Endometrial Cycles and Menstruation….. and Menstrual cycling and breast cancer: an evolutionary perspective…. Your lining does seem to be be unduly thick at 22mm, I see you have tried the protocol I suggest for bleeding and a thick lining but it's not working, please keep using it in the hopes it does eventually help. My concern about the carrot diet is the high sugar in the juice, very high sugar. Sugar feeds cancer, I'm not going to suggest you don't try it, but you could look at the ketogenic diet as an alternative before you do. The keto diet reduces glucose levels to the barest minimum, and the body uses ketones for energy. It's a very high fat, moderate to low protein and very low carb diet. Only the good fats should be used, i.e. MCT oil, coconut oil, butter, cocoa butter, lard, duck fat, olive oil or macadamia oil. The first six are saturated fats, the other two mono-unsaturated fats. The best is the MCT oil, an extract from coconut oil. The body converts the fatty acid into ketones, in fact the brain does better on these than glucose. MCT oil forms ketones more efficiently than the other oils. It does require some patience in the first week or two as you go into a detox period which the body doesn't like! These are a few sites about ketogenic diets….
Jeff Volek The Many Facets of Keto-Adaptation….

Dr. Stephen Phinney - 'The Art and Science of Low Carb Living and Performance

Prof D'Agostino….

Interview with Dr Mercola and Prof D'Agostino…….

Mark Maunder…..


Take care Wray

Jan 24, 2016
Could Natpro be bad for uterine cancer?
by: RJ

Hello SGM!
I don't believe you caused it at all. Each of our bodies are programmed differently. I started Natpro at 46 and will be 50 next week. Non-stop usage those years with up and down dosages. Wray has so many research papers on this site that says heavy bleeding/clots/spotting are caused by estrogen. So, I do believe once you got all those symptoms stopped 1 1/2 years ago you had the estrogen under control. Don't blame yourself. Thousands of woman have/are taking progesterone for many years on this site and I have to say you have been the first that I have read that has had this type of situation using progesterone. Even our whitecoats recognize it and give it to recovering cancer patients. From personal experience, had you gone to your doctor with the heavy bleeding/clotting she would have put you on prometrium...probably at 400mg a day or even more until it all stopped. Our realtor was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a lumpectomy and radiation and now they will give her a pill to take for the next five years that will keep her estrogen very, very low and she's 50. We had a customer who was 49, diagnosed with prostate cancer, he opted for radiation and progesterone therapy because it was an estrogenic tumor. For those erratic cycles...lucky the soul who has regular cycles until menopause. Most of us on here are all over the place with our cycles. I haven't cycled for almost three months. In the beginning I bled so heavy that I wouldn't go out in public. Clots the size of golfballs would come out and go down my pant legs. It was awful. Yes, I agree the cancer tutor site is a bit radical, but he has research to back it up. The Trogan Horse makes sense and alot of alternative doctors use that therapy. Ty Bollinger's site is excellent. Many, many doctors have done extensive research. Dr. Buryniski has had remarkable cures and he uses pancreatic enzymes. I have been reading so much lately on frankincense oil from Somalia as it is the most potent. There are so many alternatives. DMSO is very potent. Getting your body in an alkaline state is the best. Cancer thrives on sugar with is so acidic. sells a wonderful PH balancer of humic/fulvic acids. She is a microbiologist who cured herself of brain cancer that I believed took her father. So many things and I'm just trying to pull things off the top of my head to help you since I have been down this road with my mother. Prayers are with you. God Bless! RJ

Jan 27, 2016
Could Natpro be bad for cancer
by: SGM

Thank you for your replies. I appreciate the papers concerning cancer and progesterone. Thank you so much for this web site, it has helped me so much and I recommend it to everyone.

Feb 01, 2016
Could Natpro be bad for cancer
by: SGM

Is it possible to thin out my 22 mm uterine using Natpro. If this is possible then I would like to do everything you reccomend that I should do to accomplish this. The amount of daily Natpro as well as supplements.

Jan 02, 2017
Any updates?!
by: Jill F

How are you doing SGM? I hope well.

I recently (Oct 13) had my uterus, cervix, tube, ovaries and some lymph nodes removed due to endometrial cancer.

I'm skeptical of using alternative methods for cancer...though i am a big supporter of alternative methods in general. I think a good mix of modern and alternative is the way to go.

I really want to see someone successfully beat cancer with alternative methods. I wasn't willing to try myself having several family members die of cancer. Just felt I couldn't take the risk.

Found out I most likely have Lynch Syndrome as well which is a genetic mutation that significantly raises my chances for certain cancers.

How are you doing? It's been almost a year since you posted. I hope you are doing very well and were successful!

Aug 23, 2017
Could Natpro be bad for cancer?
by: SGM

Hi, here is my update.

I spent much time researching conventional endometrial cancer treatments and biopsys as well as alternative cancer treatments. I read many books about cancer in general and alternative cancer treatments. I also spent searching the internet on alternative cancer treatments so I've done the homework. I just want to mention that as far as the book, "Curing cancer with carrots', the sugar in carrots is assimilated differently in your body, it's very slow which makes a difference with other sugars. You really have to read the book to totally understand because I'm not the person to explain this to others. Several people have cured their cancer using daily large amounts of carrot juice. I tried it for about 2 months which would not be long enough to cure cancer. It might take close to a year or maybe longer. My problem was that after the 2 months I just couldn't drink my 1/2 gallon of juice daily anymore. Just the thought of tasting it again made me nauseous, so I had to quit. However, I felt great during those 2 months and my extremly high blood pressure went to normal and my type 2 diabetes A1c went to the non-diabetic range.

I learned that what ever alternative cancer treatments I chose had to be something I could stand to do long term. To reverse/cure cancer it takes time when using alternative treatments. There are so many many alternatives out there to choose from. It can be overwhelming reading about them all. That was why I said I didn't care for the cancer tutor website.

Everyone needs to decide for themselves what they want to do for treatment of cancer. But I urge people to reasearch both conventional and alternitive treatments before deciding. I've learned that both conventional and alternitive cancer treatments can work but not for everyone and not all the time. What that means is that they both are not 100%. When someone says they choose conventional because they did not want to take any chances, that is not entirely correct. If conventional cancer treatments of surgery, chemo and radiation was a for sure thing in curing cancer then nobody would ever die of cancer after treatment. There are no for sure cures in both conventional or alternitive cancer treatments. But for me, I felt that at least alternitive treatments caused no harm to the body and especially the immune system as conventional treatments do. I felt that if it was really somewhat an equal chance using either traditional or alternative then I was going with the no harm treatments.

It is a fact that is not made generally known to the public but published in medical journals to doctors that if a person were to do nothing as far as treatments for cancer that they could live up to 12 years! It did not say that they would, but could, because aparently some have, according to the study. I believe that it all has to do with not disturbing the cancer cells so that they don't spread. But most people don't choose to do nothing about their cancer. I choose to do alternatives and they don't have the chance of disturbing the cancer cells as surgery does. I'm not saying that surgey will spread the cells but that there is a fairly high chance it could. Some oncologists have publicly admitted this. Most oncologist say that it's worth the risk of spreading the cancer cells as well as the risk of damaging other organs with radiation and to damage the immune system, etc with chemo. But they are not the one taking these risks, the patient is.

I wanted to say all this as not to have anyone think I made a choice by not weighing all the facts. I forgot to mention that with conventional treatments success is measured as you being cancer free for just 5 years. Think about how that skews the statistics. I don't feel that just living 5 years is a cure or success.

Aug 23, 2017
Could Natpro be bad for uterine cancer
by: SGM

That was a long update and I'm not sure it all went through as your only allowed a certain amount of words so I hope part of it didn't get cut out.

For those who would like too know what I'm doing....My choice has been just a few things as I know how I am and if I have to do too much I know I can't sustain it and it has to be relatively easy too.

After trying carrot juice and not being able to keep it up I started on Essiac tea. I feel there is only one company that I trust has the correct formula and that is Blue Moon. I purchased additional sheep sorrel root to add to the blue moon formula. I believe that drinking only one ounce of the prepared tea using distilled water mixed with 2 oz of distilled water is correct acording research. Also, I only take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait a minimum of a half hour before eating breakfast or drinking anything but distilled water. I of course never stopped using Natpro daily and I increased to 3 tsp per day spread out 3 times till bedtime.

I then take verious supplements like vitamin D and magnesium, to just mention a few. I drink a half gallon of Pau d arco taheebo tea and I only trust that the "Taheebo tea club" has the correct inner bark from the correct trees.

I also read many herb books so I'm taking a few tinctures of herbs. I'm taking "herb robert" as its been known to cure cancer but with eating about 5 or 6 leaves and stems of the live plant. I'm trying to grow enough of that plant so that I can eat some everyday but until then I take it in a tincture form. I take other tinctures like shepherds purse and white peony to stop bleeding. I may add more things later but this is it for now.

I have not completely stopped daily spotting yet. It have not been on the SP and WP that long. Natpro and the other supplements have not stopped the bleeding completely yet either. Because there were times of very heavy clot bleeding and the almost constant light spotting I have become animic and that is why I'm trying stop any bleeding at all, even slight. I have stopped the days of heavy bleeding with clots. The last time I blead heavy, there were no clots and it just was one time running to the bathroom and then it stopped and was over the rest of the day.

I choose not to regularly monitor my cancer with tests or biopsies. It would just stress me out if there was no improvement in the thickness of my endometrial lining or even if it got thicker. I won't ever choose conventional cancer treatments after all my research. If I'm not going to change what I'm doing then dont need to have the possible stress.
I also realize it will take time to cure/heal my cancer and why add in stress by keep checking if it's still there?

With my particular cancer there is a symptom of it, the bleeding. Once that stops completely for a length of time. I will go back and do testing to confirm the cancer is gone or at least the lining has shrunk significantly.

I don't believe that the supplements nor Natpro can cure my cancer. I feel that can help and find tribute to the main cancer treatments I have chosen so far. These are the Essiac, Pau d arco taheebo tea, and the herb robert are what could cure themselves.

I have considered a possible removal of my uterus because of the bleeding that has caused anemia. I think It possible that I could die of a heart attack because of the anemia before cancer could kill me. So I'm working on the anemia by trying to stop any slight bleeding and with things other than iron supplements which feed cancer cells. But I doubt I could find an oncologist who would agree to only take my uterus without taking ovaries, cervix and lymph nodes. Without debating my reasons for not wanting a complete hysterectomy, I will just say after much reasearch I have decided it's mostly best for me to keep my uterus, if I can. Its also not In my best interests to remove anything other than my uterus if we're to get it removed. Again, based on all my research on the subject.

I want to make it clear that I don't have any judgements on what others choose to do for their cancer treatments. Everyone needs to decide what they want to do concerning their bodies. I was just explaining a little why I chose what I did for my cancer treatments for those that might be curious.

I hope I'm a success story and if I do cure my cancer in time and it's confirmed then I'll post it. Even if I don't cure it eventually, I feel I can beat the 5 year success time that the conventional treatment holds as a cure. In my opinion, that's not a cure to me. I know some people do live longer than 5 years with conventional treatment and I know a few personally. But many don't live much past the 5 years mark but they are included in the statistics that say conventional cancer treatment has a high cure rate.

The reason alternitive treatments don't have statistics and you rarley hear of them is who's going to spend time and money to publish that? Pharmaceutic companies will spend money to try and convince that conventional treatment are the only ones that can work because it benefits them in the long run financially. It is of no benefit to them to research and spend money on reporting on alternitive treatments that they make no money on and can't patent or recreate in a lab. But there are enough published stories of people being cured of their cancer using alternitive treatments to convince me that they can work without harm. But since most (but not all) turn to alternitive treatments after trying conventional treatments that failed them and being told there's nothing more that can be done and sent home to die.....the medical community takes the credit if alternitive treatment finally cure theses ones sent home to die and say it's a delayed reaction from their conventional treatments.
They falsely include these people in their success statistics too.

Sorry to go on, but again, that's partly why you don't read of many alternitive cancer treatment successes.

Aug 24, 2017
Could Natpro be bad for uterine cancer
by: SGM

Sorry for all the spelling and other mistakes. I hope you can understand what I was trying to type. I was typing in the dark on my iPhone while laying down with my baby grandson when he was napping. I should have been more brief but it is a passionate subject to me and I can ramble on about it.

I want to say how much I love Natpro and I think it is helping me with postmenopause symptoms. It's the safest alternative to using HRT after menopause. I know Wray has explained this somewhere on this website. I believe it has to do with ratios between your estrogen and progesterone.

Aug 24, 2017
by: Jill F

Thank you for the update! Very nice to hear from you.

I was lucky that I didn't need any chemo or radiation. Surgery took care of it. At first I wished my ovaries could have been left, but finding out for sure that I have Lynch Syndrome made the loss acceptable.

Women with Lynch Syndrome often have their reproductive organs removed as a preventive measure..especially with my particular mutation.

My risk for certain cancers is much higher than the general public due to my Genetic mutation.

I'm glad I know so I can take measures to keep myself as healthy as possible as well as having screenings more often to catch it early.

I'm doing quite well. No HRT and I don't feel much different at all. Hopefully that will keep up!

Dec 12, 2021
Lady with cancer
by: Anonymous

I know its been a while but to the lady who treated her cancer with Essiac. Did it help? I know its good for all cancers.

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