Cortisol and DHEA

by kathy

My ND has put me on cortisol and DHEA ater my saliva test and blood test came back. My estrogen in a little below normal and my progesterone is way below normal.

Can I use progesterone cream with being in cortisol and DHEA? I am 47. Still have periods regularly.

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Nov 19, 2011
from what i have learned yes
by: Rosanne

Hi Kathy

I am sure Wray will be posting soon but when I saw this I thought I could share some knowledge as I have researched the adrenal thyroid ovarian axis.

Yes you can and should use progesterone along with cortisol and dhea. From what I read low progesterone levels for prolonged periods results in low dhea and cortisol. You need progesterone to make cortisol. I addition the adrenal glands will produce progesterone to make up for low levels but eventually they work so hard and then adrenal fatigue sets in. My cortisol was low then high so I am still in the early stages of adrenal fatigue. However low cortisol levels may indicate you are in later stages. I was much sicker with low cortisol levels. Dr. wilson has a supplement program I would highly recommend. It works from a nutritional side. You do not want to be on cortisol for a long period so try and heal your adrenals at the same time. It becomes a viscous cycle as your adrenals increase cortisol at first to deal with hormonal imbalances such as low progesterone but then it uses up available progesterone to deal with all the stress and then eventually slows down in function as less progesterone is made available resulting in low cortisol.

Also check thyroid as it is the master hormone and you need adequate levels to produce progesterone. In addition you must have the right balance of cortisol not too much, not too little to enable thyroid being received by the cells. As you can see one imbalance leads to another. No wonder it is so difficult for our doctors and ourselves to figure it out.

fyi I am on Dim for estrogen dominance 200mg, depending on symptoms;200mg or more of topical progesterone, Dr wilson's moderate fatigue program, phosphatidyl serine,omegas, thyrosense, vit d 5000iu or more, dessicated thyroid(no thyroid function)

My idea is to hit the problem at all ends. Thyroid is tested regularly and just not the tsh but free t3 and free t4, progesterone to take care of deficiencies and nourish the adrenals, and supplement program for adrenal fatigue. I just thought that if I did every thing at once it would work out better and slowly it has. I am not perfect that is for sure. I just have to remember to do the whole program even when I feel better. I slack off and then boom back on the roller coaster ride.

Wray will be able to comment more but for now hopefully this helps.

take Care


Nov 22, 2011
Cortisol and DHEA
by: Wray

Hi Kathy Yes you can use the cortisol and DHEA while usign progesterone. But I would avoid the DHEA, see here, here, here and here. Progesterone should help your adrenals too. These first have to produce progesterone before converting it to cortisol. If the adrenals are stressed, they tend to rob other sources, notably the ovaries. This then plays havoc with the reproductive system, in fact stress can stop ovulation. We do have more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

Nov 30, 2011
from what i have learned yes
by: Wray

Hi Rosanne Thanks for your input, always so good, although I would caution the use of DHEA by women. See the papers I've given Kathy. And Dr Wilson's website is very good, so if Kathy should want to see it, the link is here You're so right though, the body should be looked at as a whole, and not in parts. Each part does not work independently, but in concert with the others. Take care Wray

Dec 06, 2011
Thank you
by: Kathy

Thank you. I will be seeing my Natural Doc soon. I am on 5 mg of cortisone in AM an 2.5 mg at noon. I am also on DHEA 5 mg am and 5 mg pm. I also take a lot of vitamins, minerals, probiotics. But no progesterone, which I am going to ask about. Sounds like I would be better to drop the DHEA and add progesterone. My cortisol saliva test were very depressed at the morning and noon test and were in the very low normal range at evening and night range (9-4-3-2) My blood cortisol was 12 mcg early in AM. They were concerned that my adrenals were heading for fatigue. I think I'll talk to him about switching a few things. My estradiol was 66, DHEA was 59. Progesterone 4.0. And testosterone 28. Any other advice would be great. I like to go in as informed as possible. I go to the dr for direction, but believe in my research. And being my own advocate. Reasons for gong in first place very bad and over a year long vaginal dryness. I am 47. Periods are still very regular. Thank you

Jun 04, 2014
by: Anonymous


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