Continuous Use of Progesterone for Pain Relief

by Kim

Hi there - I am 43 and started using progesterone cream for back pain relief which I believe is caused from a cyst on the spine which in turn causes nerve pain. It comes and goes and I still do have pain on the cream but overall it is much much better. I have also struggled with depression my entire life and every year, getting older, I notice the PMS was just becoming horrific. I believe it has helped with this as well. I initally started trying to follow my cycle and it went fine other than the pain was awful when I was off of it and my moods were terrible. I'd rather not go through that again and so I was wondering if it was ok to take it continuously even though I was having a regular cycle. Thank you for any advice.

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Nov 07, 2021
Continuous Use of Progesterone for Pain Relief
by: Joy

Hi Kim

I am so pleased that progesterone is helping you. What many do not realise is that progesterone helps with most of our modern day illness if used correctly. However, it is not the 'cure all' for everything and something that is severe may need extra help.

Advice given on this website is based on Natpro which is a 3.33% cream. If using another %, please make the necessary adjustments. You do not state how much cream you are using. Usually 100mg-200mg cream is needed, more if symptoms are severe. Use half the amount in the morning and the other half at night. Night time is best when inserted in the vagina, it absorbs better there. Experiment with the cream and the amount, what suits one may not suit another. Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream page for more information on the correct use of progesterone.

Progesterone certainly helps with mild Depression but it definitely needs the help of calming nutrients as stated on the page. You are also in Peri Menopause which can be a torrid time for most women. Progesterone should be used every day going forward. I started using progesterone every day from the age of 47, I am now 66 and I never miss a day. Most ovarian and breast Cysts are caused by excess Estrogen. I am not sure about your cyst on the spine though.

Vitamin D3 and the mentioned co-factors are vital not only for depression but D3 is connected to every single functioning cell in our bodies. A deficiency also reduces the benefits of progesterone.

Nov 08, 2021
by: Kim

Thank you Joy. I’ve noticed good changes on 20mg but when I went up to 40mg I became very bloated and constipated. Although when I dropped back down to 20 I noticed severe hair shedding which really frightened me. My hair is already thinning and I don’t want to lose any more but the bloating and constipation were no fun at all. I’m a healthy weight, exercise regularly and take a very high dose already of D3 per my holistic dr. I’m not sure where to go at this point.

Nov 08, 2021
by: Joy

Hi Kim

Unfortunately you will battle using the amount that you are using. Progesterone therapy is not easy, I wish it was. It can take 2-6 months before one achieves results and that's using the correct amount. Progesterone will disrupt things in the beginning, this is to be expected and things can get worse before they get better for some people. You have to 'weather the storm' I'm afraid. You are aggravating estrogen receptors by using the incorrect amount. Try to persevere, things should soon settle down.

Progesterone doesn't cause constipation, the reverse in fact. It's estrogen which causes it, by drawing water from the intestines. Progesterone is such an excellent diuretic it's now given to TBI victims via IV transfusion to stop the oedema forming. Again, by not using enough progesterone, estrogen receptors have been aggravated. Also diet plays a huge part with constipation. The same applies to bloating. Candida can also cause bloating, have you perhaps been tested for that?

Please make sure that your vitamin D3 level is optimal as stated on the page.

Nov 20, 2021
High Dosage
by: Susan T

I’ve used Natpro for a few years now to overcome the estrogen dominance affects of Endometriosis. This has made a tremendous difference to my symptoms and reduced my paid dramatically,

However for the past two years I’ve struggled transitioning into Autumn and had flare-ups of my endo resulting in severe pain that has made me bed bound again. The only way I have managed to climb out of my dark period was increase my dosage from 200mg to 400mg per day.

I’m now frightened to reduce the dosage in fear of the pain returning. A full tub is now only lasting three weeks.
Advice gratefully appreciated

Nov 21, 2021
by: Joy

Hi Susan T

I am so pleased that Natpro has helped with your endometriosis. It can be a painful journey, but if used correctly it will certainly help you.

There could be two reasons for the return of the pain ....

Firstly, It sounds to me as though your progesterone levels have dropped. There could be a number of reasons why progesterone levels drop Stress causes levels to drop.  It also causes Vitamin D3 and other vital nutrients to drop as well.  More of everything needs to be used during stressful time.

Here are some more reasons that could cause progesterone levels to drop.....

lack of or drop in Vitamin D3 levels
high estrogen
high testosterone
high LH
high FSH sugars of any kind
large meals
insulin resistance
high level of phytoestrogens in the diet

Diet is so very important.  Wheat is particularly bad as is sugar, in fact all carbs should be avoided as much as possible.

Inflammation could be another reason. Unless you deal with the inflammation the chances of endo and fibroids reoccurring is great.

Excellent idea increasing the amount of progesterone. That is always recommended when symptoms return or the body is taking too long to adjust. If you are ready to reduce, please do so slowly. Reduce by 50mg at a time. Stay on the reduced amount for a week, then reduce again. Please don't forget that if your inflammation has not been dealt with, symptoms will return. Try eating fermented veg, sauerkraut is excellent as well and kefir milk/water. These are excellent probiotics and will help with inflammation.

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