Continuous bleeding

by Julie

I've had my "period" now for almost 2 months. I'm 49 years old, but my naturopath says I am not "officially" in menopause. My blood level of progesterone was low so I was prescribed 150mg troche of progesterone to take to help stop the bleeding.

I've taken the progesterone at night for 2 weeks now and though the bleeding has not stopped, it has developed a definite pattern: I start getting cramps about 7AM that last until about 3PM (the whole work day!). The bleeding is moderate but constant. In the evening it tapers off and the next day the pattern resumes. I've decided just a couple of days ago to see if taking half the troche at night and half in the morning would do anything. Today I continued to bleed as before, but the cramps were much lighter.

My doctor had advised me it would take about 10 days to stop the bleeding but its already longer than that and I see no end in sight. Any advice?

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Sep 14, 2009
Check my post
by: Gibby

I posted a similar problem and we are both the same age - my post is entitled 'prolonged bleeding in permimenopause'. This is a pain isn't it? Have a read at my novel + update, and I would strongly advise you to have an ultrasound scan, too... read more in my post. Let me know how you get on and what you will do, as I am still undecided myself, but at least my bleeding has stopped for now, as you will be able to read - perhaps we can share experieneces. good luck to you/both of us! :-)

Sep 15, 2009
Continuous bleeding
by: Wray

Hi Julie and Gibby. Progesterone can help heavy continual bleeding, which is often a problem in peri-menopause. Please see this web page.

Menopause itself only occurs when bleeding has stopped.
Troches are not as effective as injections, suppositories or creams, as only about 50% of the progesterone is absorbed by the buccal cavity. The remainder being swallowed, which is then destroyed by the gut and liver. A high dose is always needed to stop the bleeding, depending on how severe it is and how long it's been occurring, anything from 200-600mg/day is needed. It's best to use it hourly during the day. Take care, Wray

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