Continued light bled

by Suzanne

I'm 48, been on higher dose progesterone for three to four years now.
I use a combination of NatPro and a compounded cream. I also had
Breast cancer in 2014. I've had pretty normal cycles most of my life until
Last month. My period in July was a little longer and a little heavier then
The previous. Once it stopped, I began light spotting for about about another
week. I stopped bleeding for a week or so then got another period at day 22 of my
cycle. It was lighter and shorter. Again after my period I have continued to have
light spotting. I do worry about uterine and ovarian cancer because of my history.
Waiting to see the doctor but in the mean time I have increased my progesterone from 200 to 400. It seems to increase the spotting. I'm thinking the bleeding is from low estrogen.(menopause or a recent high fiber diet). Will the increase progesterone eventually stop the bled if it's low estrogen? Or should I stop The progesterone? Thanks , suzanne

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