Continious use of Natpro

by Lotte

Hello sweet Wray! You are doing an amazing job for all the frustrated people out there!

I have been using Natpro for about 4 months now continously, because I had severe symptoms after taking birth control pills (never again). I have noticed a big difference in my mood and I have lost about 4 kg in water. But I am not fully balanced yet, it can get quite tuff just before my period starts (Im 20 yrs old).

So my questions to you are...

1. How long can you use the cream continously? Would you recommend to start a cycle after 6 months again? And why is this important?
2. If you have a need to use it continously for longer, is it then possible to have a cycle after 6 months and after the cycle do another 6 continous months?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just a little unsure of what to do. And thanks for you help!

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Nov 19, 2010
Continious use of Natpro
by: Wray

Hi Lotte Thanks for the kind epithet! I'm so relieved you've come off contraceptives, for more info please see this page we have on Contraceptives. I'm pleased the progesterone has helped too, and with the water retention, it should. It's an excellent diuretic and anti-inflammatory, now given to brain trauma victims to prevent the oedema and inflammation that occurs. It is safe to use it continuously forever, but I don't advise it if you are so young. It can act as a contraceptive if used before ovulation, which would make falling pregnant difficult! Although the amount does have to be quite high to do this. Many people think using too high an amount or without a break, will saturate the fatty layer and disrupt the progesterone receptor sites. Well I've not found this the case. Besides many women stay on contraceptives continuously for years, and what harm is that doing?! Dr Dalton would use the progesterone as a contraceptive for her patients who react badly to the synthetic variety. Please see this page here, you'll have to scroll down almost to the bottom. I do feel following a cycle if there is one the best route, but only after adverse symptoms have gone. So if you feel you need to stay on it for 6 months, do so. But you might find they resolve sooner. It is possible at any time to regulate the cycle after using it continuously, for more info please see this page we have on How to use progesterone cream. Using the progesterone daily is of course more costly! So it's entirely up to you if you decide you need another 6 months of daily use. But I think a better route would be to get rid of symptoms first, then regulate your cycle, then if you feel symptoms coming back, just increase the amount you are using. Don't forget stress drops progesterone levels, so use more when stressed. The level drops during dark days too, much like vitamin D does. In fact these two work together, a low vitamin D level reduces the benefits of progesterone. So as with vitamin D, more is needed during the winter months, which you are now going into. For more info on vitamin D please see the GrassrootsHealth website. Take care Wray

Nov 24, 2010
Contineous use of natpro
by: Lotte

Hello again! Thank you very much for your reply. I had such bad symptoms, I was seriously depressed.

I've now been on Natpro for about 4 months with app. 250 mg per day and up to 400 on the days where I stress more. I've experienced a really big difference, so much that my mom wants to try it too hehe. But I have not completely recovered, and it is also very difficult to follow a cycle, because of the irregular bleeding.

So if I understand you right, I can use Natpro for longer then 6 months if the symptoms are still there. If they're gone completely by then (wich I hope they are) I will start to follow my cycle. You see I tried to follow a cycle this month, but that didn't go very well. So I think i should stay on continuous use for a bit longer.

But to the people out there, don't give up! I think I was suicidal, and now I can laugh again! Although I'm not completely myself again, it's so much better then it used to be :)

Keep it up :) Hug, Lotte :D

Dec 03, 2010
Contineous use of natpro
by: Wray

Hi Lotte So pleased it's been helping you and you're laughing again! Also that you have the courage to go against the conventional recommended amount. Pleased your mum is interested too! We do have a web page on Natural Antidepressants. Many of the nutrients help with stress, as not only progesterone drops, but our neurotransmitters too. I'm not sure what other symptoms you have, but you might like to look at our page on PCOS too. I know you don't have this, but the pill really upsets the ovaries. There is a list of nutrients which all help to get them back on track, vitamin D being the most important. Yes you can use progesterone continuously for longer than 6 months, I also hope they've gone then too, as the amount you are using is costing a lot. Please have that vitamin D test done, you might like to see this video clip by Professor Holick And hugs to you too! Take care Wray

Dec 30, 2010
Continuous use of Natpro
by: Lotte

Hello again!

Thank you very much. I have been using 5000iu of vit-d for a couple of months now. I'm so glad that I have, because I've read so many good things about it.

But lately I have increased my dose of Natpro to 500 mg pr day, and it is been going very well for a while now. But now I'm on a bumpy ride again. And I haven't gotten my period in almost 5 weeks, and I would like to have it back, because I feel it helps the detox. But during the time I've been on 500 mg I got my period. That's why I find it strange that it wouldn't come now.

Can it have something to do with the high amount? I am now trying to go on a little bit under 400 mg, to see if that will help me getting back my period. How long can it take from lowering the dose until the period appears?

Again, thank you! You are truelly clever and very kind!
Lotte :D

Jan 08, 2011
Continuous use of Natpro
by: Wray

Hi Lotte I'm so pleased you've increased the vitamin D to 5000iu's per day, it's safe to go to 30,000iu's per day, see Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Diseases. If you've been using 500mg/day progesterone it could well stop your period coming. This is the amount I suggest women with severe continual bleeding to use, or those with the pain of endometriosis. It appears you are not taking a break when using it? I suggest you try this, rather than using it daily. It's the drop in progesterone levels which cause bleeding. MMP's are enzymes which break down the endometrial lining each month, progesterone suppresses these. So it's not until progesterone levels drop that the MMP's can get to work. If you know when you ovulate start using the cream from then for the next 14 days, then stop. Your period should come soon after. If you don't know when you ovulate, you'll have to work out when to start using it. Ovulation occurs in all women 12-14 days before we bleed. Let me know how you get on, and thanks again for the kind words! Take care Wray

Jan 17, 2011
by: Lotte

Hi again!

Thank you for your always so good advice! I stopped using the cream when a bleeding occured, then i tryed to be off the cream for about 14 days because I dont know when I ovulate, because of my irregular bleeding. I started bleeding again on day 11, therefore im still off the cream. Im trying now to wait app 14/15 days more fram that day, before I start the cream again. And hopefully i wont start bleeding again before that time and i will try to be on a daily dosage of 200-300 mg.

It has been going surprisingly well actually , but I have had 3/4 rough days wich started towards the end of this last bleeding. Hope it will turn for the better soon.

Thank you very much for always helping out :)

Jan 18, 2011
by: Wray

Hi Lotte Your cycle really has been messed up by the contraceptives. I also hope you won't start bleeding again before the 14 days is up. It'll mean you will have been off progesterone for too long, and your symptoms could come back. I'll have to leave it up to you, but as soon as you start feeling any adverse symptoms occurring, do start using the progesterone again. It's not worth going through that just to try to regulate your cycle. Don't let the 3-4 rough days drag out too long, if they do, start the progesterone again. It might be you do need to stay on it continuously for longer than normal. But if you use the lower amount you've given above, your period should come, unlike the higher amount, I can't say when of course. But hopefully, gradually, your cycle will come right. Let me know how this next 'cycle' goes. Take care Wray

Jan 30, 2011
When do I stop using the cream
by: Anonymous

Hi. I am 52 and my periods stopped over a year ago. I have been using the cream for 8 months (3 weeks on 1 week off) but still getting hot flushes. Will it get better? When should I stop and conclude that it doesn't work for me? Just ordered another 3 tubes but very confused as to whether I should continue. Kind regards. M

Feb 10, 2011
When do I stop using the cream
by: Wray

Hi M I'm not sure who advised you to use the cream 3 weeks on, 1 week off, but it's best in menopause to simply use it daily, there's no need for a break. By taking one your progesterone levels drop during the week off, which basically means you are starting from scratch each month getting your levels up again. We do have a page on Menopause, please read through it, as it gives info on how to use progesterone. I've found hot flushes are reduced dramatically or eliminated if 400mg/day is used for 4-5 days, then reduce the amount gradually. It's safe to continue for longer at this high level if they bother you still. If you find this isn't helping you, you possibly need tryptophan, this amino acid is the precursor to serotonin and has been found to help in hot flushes. For more info on how to take it please see here. The amino acid taurine regulates body temperature, it could be you need this too, see here. From 2000-5000mg/day should be taken. Take care Wray

Oct 26, 2016
Natpro update 6 years later
by: Lotte


I was just doing some more research and found my old thread. And I had to give an update. Hope all is well with you.

I am now more or less normal (still suffer from water retention (my main annoyance) before periods and some bad days around ovulation and before period). But coping A LOT better - still having to use the cream, but with 28/29 day cycle. More accurate than ever (Pretty good!). Currently 26 yo.

Cant believe the pills messed me up this bad.

I was doing some more research as I guess everyone suffering from this just can't stop researching for ways to improve.

I have recently tried vitex and dong quai together for a couple of months. It started off really well and I almost didn't have to use any cream at all, but then suddenly it turned and I felt like I was back to square one even on days using a lot of natpro. And had to stop taking them. Still don't know which one of them caused it.

I then found calcium D-gluc and that saved me (so must have been oestrogen .. ?). (Taking vitamin D 5000 IU of course)

I am now looking into trying tyrosine, tryptophane, zinc, B-vit complex, selenium and maybe inositol, but I read inositol can increase oestrogen - so a bit scared of that one.

I am also taking a womans multi (but contains copper - although more zinc than copper, trying to avoid copper)

People around me are so worried that I am still on the cream. I tell them.. trust me this is doing more good than harm and I wouldn't be too pleasant to hang around without it either. I guess thats why I have been doing some more research recently to find ways to come off it. But as I understand there is no harm in using it for the rest of my life.


Grateful to all advise and knowledge on this page xx

All the best

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