Constant migraine headaces

by Gudrun


I am 51 years old and have been suffering with migraine headaces amongst other symptoms for over 6 years. It started with PMS around the age of 45. The headace has from the begining been the main problem and gotten worse over the years. Other very disabling symptoms at times are hartpalpitations, fatigue, anxious attacks, night sweat and hot flushes, bloating, water retention, obstipation and decreased sex drive. I have been to many doctors and taken all kind of medications amongst others HRT. Nothing has given me relief but I have from the begining felt that it had somthing to do with my hormones. When I was on HRT I found out that when I had a few days relief it had always somthing to do with progesterone but when some symptoms eased others got worse.
Resently I was Googling symptoms of progesterone overdosing or something like that and I found websites discussing progesterone cream. The next days I read about estrogen dominance and the wonders of progesterone cream. I decided to by a book and a cream and started using 20 mg a day. In 3 weeks I increased the dose to 40 mg. but got worse of my symptoms. Then fortunately I found your website and found out I needed to increase the dose. I did the test and scored 35 so I increased the dose to 200 mg a day for 10 days. Since I do not have much tolorance using computers because of my constant headaces I seem to have missed the informations for migrain sufferers to use 400-500 mg a day. I am still waiting for Natpro to arrive so I am using the low dose cream. I have been using 500 mg now for 5 days. I am feeling awful taking sumitriptans almost every day and nothing has improved. I am scared and frustrated. Am I making the problem worse? When may I expect to find a slight improvement?


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Jun 08, 2016
What causes male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) ? ?
by: JohannJorg

What causes this ? Which hormones ?

And should the balding male take progesterone ?
Many people think DHT is not the problem ?

Oct 18, 2017
Headache/Migraine daily
by: Anneke

I get headache/migraine head pain almost everyday. I hate taking sumatriptan as it makes me feel so disoreinted, emotional, dizzy and zombie like.

I have paid an inordinate amount of money to a HRT doctor who has prescribed estrogen (E2/E3) cream and testosterone cream and progesterone pills at night of 100 mg.

I have vaginal moisture and an increased libido, but no relief from headaches! A friend recommended researching the progesterone aspect of HRT, which seems to be overlooked by my disappointing HRT doctor, and I am trying that. I purchased an over the counter progesterone cream with some indication of a less severe headache. I still have a headache daily but do not necessarily need to take the sumatriptan.

I am also taking a supplement called My Brain which has good reviews for headache/migraine symptoms. I am getting my prescription from a compounding pharmacy, but will venture out on my own after it runs out as it is extremely expensive with no real relief.

My estrogen and testosterone levels have improved and to my amazement and disappointment the doctor did not address the low progesterone issue. I need to stay focused and positive on ridding myself of these.

I am 62 and healthy, fit and slim. I have had one ovary removed and I also might have damaged my delicate system with years of getting acrylic nails and exposure to toxic chemicals (just thinking?) My headaches make me depressed and they are taking joy and activity from my life.

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