by Emily Trofimov

Hello. I am 25 years old, 5'4, 125 pounds and pretty active. I have never had a regular period and also suffer from cystic acne. I found out that I have low progesterone and estrogen and have normal to slightly high testosterone. My Naturopath who I longer go to took me off of DIM which was giving me a period but not treating the acne and put me on Vitex. I have not had a period since stopping DIM but some of my cystic acne has cleared. Is it safe for me to take DIM with Vitex to try to regulate both acne and period? My naturopaths reasoning from taking me off DIM is that I am already low in my estrogen and progesterone and did not want to flush anymore of that out. I am so confused and would love any advice I can get.

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