by Amy
(Phoenix AZ)

Wray please help, Maybe I've read to much, but I'm confused with using progesterone cream only, at 20mg per pump with the brand Life-Flo Progesta-care. How can I possibly get my progesterone level to 400 or higher? I'm practically bathing in the stuff now.
I stopped taking the estrogen pills that my Dr gave me and I'm using only the progesterone cream, I don't understand how I can get my level up that high 400mg or more to over come the extreme fatigue and hairloss are my main concerns.
I'm a 46 yr old female, I haven't had a period in atleast 2 yrs lab test indicate I'am menopausal. (Which is fine by me, but kind of early)
Thanks Amy

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Oct 08, 2014
by: Wray

Hi Amy You haven't read too much. I do recommend far higher initial amounts than others do, simply because of experience. My own and that of others I've helped over the past 18 years. The cream you are using is not very strong, so you will have difficulty in getting enough on. Unless you strip off several times a day! You could look at the cream we make which is stronger. I've been very stressed recently, my own fault, so I used up to 2000mg/day. I applied it 3 times a day all over, with the occasional extra dab on exposed skin. Fatigue can be caused by low progesterone, but it can also be caused by Insulin Resistance. We do have a page on Hair Loss you could look through, plus one on Menopause. Take care Wray

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