Confused about Progesterone/testosterone connection

by Michelle

Hello, I am a 39 year old female who has suffered from excessive shedding and hair loss for a little over a year. I already take the recommended supplements as suggested on this site, but the shedding will not stop. I have had blood work and my blood hormone levels always come back normal, including thyroid.
I recently developed simple cysts on both ovaries-- this is a first and missed my period. I started progesterone and I am taking about 60 mg per day right now. The hair loss continues...I have read that progesterone reduces 5alpha reductase which can help with hair loss. But, I have also read that progesterone increases testosterone (I don't want more of this as I am already losing hair). In fact, a hairloss book I recently read named progesterone as an androgen ( I do not agree, but thought it was worth mentioning). So, how do we know when we are using the cream, we are blocking and not increasing androgens?


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