confused about labs and symptoms

by Della

I had my only my uterus removed 2 yrs. ago and am on BHRT. I was originally put on 2.5 mg of Bi-estro;100 mg of progesterone;1 mg of testosterone. I felt ok but my vagina felt dry and sensitive and I had slight headaches and hip pain.Doc upped my estradiol to 5 mg.I then hadhad a stronger vagina odor and my legs hurt more.I also noticed more spider veins so I ssked to have my progesterone bumped up to 150 mg.Thid last change took my estradiol from 94.5 pg to173.6 pg;my progesterone from 10.3 ng/ml to 1.6 ng/ml;my testosterone from15.22 ng/dl to 18 ng/dl.Why did upping my progesterone make my estradiol and testosterone #s go ip and bring my progesterone down?

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