Confused about how to proceed

by Heather

Hi. Wray, you have answered me already about my symptoms. After all my reading I am beginning to get confused. My symptoms are insomnia, inability to lose weight with diet and exercise, serious fluid retention, complete loss of libido, fatigue, mild brain fog (I say mild, but it could be that I have just become accustomed to the brain lapses and the need to get people to start the conversation over because it took me a moment to begin paying attention), depression, occasional anxiety and headache, high cholesterol, plantar fasciitis, recent diagnosis of gluten senstivity, low blood sugar, weak nails... and then some. Now I don't experience all of these symptoms all the time except for the insomnia, weight gain, fluid retention and nonexistent libido. I also occasionally have hot flashes. Now, my question is this - if most of these symptoms reflect a progesterone deficiency or estrogen dominance, why do I have periods that are very light and short? Frequency is also changing from a fairly steady average of 26-28 days to an average of 32 days, sometimes as long as 33, 37 or even 42 days!I am confused about what this says about the state of my hormone balance and what it means to how I will use the Natpro when it arrives.

For further information, I am currently taking one grain of Armour Thyroid daily. My supplements include magnesium, zinc and vitamin D (10,000 IU daily). I did have that tested and it was low in 2014 (32.9 ng/mL). My hormones were tested more than 2 years ago. The results were these: free testosterone 15 pg/ml; estrone 50 pg/ml; estradiol 5 pg/ml (luteal); estriol 11 pg/ml; progesterone 246 pg/ml. At the time these were tested, the weight was the most noticeable symptom; my symptoms have since increased in number, frequency and level of disturbance. Unfortunately I don't know what my numbers would be now, but I was told this was all OK. Of course, that it what all 7 of the doctors and nurse practitioners I've seen have basically told me. Not one of them has attempted to pursue further hormone testing or give me any help other than to offer birth control pills and anti-depressants.

Also, I follow a very similar diet daily including either oatmeal, veggie sausage and cheese or grits for breakfast. Lunch is almost invariably salad in which I diligently measure each ingredient and include some form of protein. For supper I tend to eat broiled vegetables or the occasional tortilla chips with cheese and salsa. As you can see, my diet is not perfect. I do drink coffee daily with sugar free creamer or half and half and on holidays and birthdays I enjoy real food. I do want to enjoy life after all! I have a soda maybe once a week or less and live on water or flavored water the rest of the time. Snacks are usually plain almonds or gluten free crackers (in moderation as I'm watching my carbs). As I've said before, I weigh and track all of my food so even if I allow myself a treat I do adjust for it on that day. I don't have a perfect diet by far, but I do better than I have ever done in the past. I offer this as information to maybe help you understand my situation. I'm trying so hard to do all the things the websites and doctors preach relentlessly (and I'm SO SICK of hearing!) - whole, fresh foods, consistent and varied exercise, plenty of water, blah blah blah and all to no avail. I think I need some kind of intervention and the medical field is woefully inadequate to help me (apparently).

So... do I use the cream daily or just at the end of my cycle? With my cycle being somewhat erratic, how can I tell when the last 12-14 days is (barring daily temperature and other equally irritating steps)? How much do I use? Do I need more estrogen? Should I take the birth control pills I have been prescribed? Why are my periods so short and light if my estrogen is OK?

I am SO SORRY for being so long-winded and asking so many questions. I realize you don't want to give medical advice but I feel that my cat could hardly do worse than the doctors I've seen!! Frankly I just don't know where else to turn right now. I can't go on suffering like this indefinitely, just hoping things will get better, as my doctors seem to think I should. I greatly appreciate any advice you can give me.

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May 13, 2015
Confused about how to proceed
by: Wray

Hi Heather You say I've answered you before but you're now confused. Please would you give me the link to my answer as I need to make sure I don't repeat myself! Take care Wray

May 13, 2015
Confused about how to proceed
by: Heather

Hi again! It wasn't you who confused me. It was just reading about the fact that heavy periods are sometimes a symptom of progesterone deficiency and mine are anything but. It made me wonder about the birth control pills. I also wasn't clear on what days to use the cream. I became concerned about the thyroid meds, and I also thought that maybe more information (like test results, even though they are old) would be helpful. The (many) questions I listed in this section were just things that I have been thinking about since you answered me and I decided I should seek clarification. My original question was this:

As you can see, I get plenty of vegetables and fiber. Most of what I eat is low carb naturally. If I do eat something that is high in carbs (like the oatmeal I like so much), I make adjustments to account for it. I don't eat much processed food anymore, but I would never say I had cut it out completely. I do have an iron self-control (that I inherited from my dad and that has been honed by desperation!) that helps me stick to the diet. Fortunately, I really like veggies but I don't eat much meat. I can eat chicken or steak but it's difficult. Chicken is the protein I add to my salad most days.I simply can't get eggs down my throat.

Anyway, this particular message was just for clarification, to add more information and to ask some other questions I should have asked initially. I don't expect progesterone cream to make me lose weight, but I am hoping that it will help me in that regard along with resolving some of the many other symptoms. I simply can't find any other reason for the inability to lose weight other than some kind of hormonal issue, and in light of the other symptoms I really think I'm on the right path.

Thanks so much for taking the time to try to help me. The frustration I feel at all the doctors I've seen is easier to bear knowing there are others out there who are actually willing to listen and to help you figure out what the problem is. You wouldn't wish this on anyone, but it also helps to know that others are experiencing what you are and you're NOT CRAZY!!

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