Confused about how to apply Progesterone Cream

by Jessica

I am 30 yr old female of normal weight diagnosed with PCO's 3 years ago and given Metformin to help with Ovulation and regulate cycle which it did successfully for a year. Then I had 5 months with no period until last month when I finally bled again. I suffer from severe and painful acne and light hirsuitism issues also.

I have had blood work done which has highlighted low progesterone on days 21-24 of my cycle repeatedly so I ordered some natural progesterone cream to try. I then went 5 months without a period and had one last month so started taking the progesterone cream. I decided to follow the days 7-27 cycle (2 x 20mg daily) to try and increase my progesterone levels and hopefully induce a bleed when I stopped but am now on day 31 and am still not bleeding although I do have some signs that it might happen (dry eyes, slight pain sore breasts on and off).

I am wondering if I was right to stop the progesterone cream or if I should just continue to take it until I bleed? As my cycles are not regular at the moment and I fairly sure most if not all are annovulatory I don't know when I should be starting and stopping?

Any help you can give would be much appreciated. Regards.

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Oct 16, 2010
Confused about how to apply Progesterone Cream
by: Wray

Hi Jessica Progesterone can upset the cycle when first using it, making it either earlier or later. I'm puzzled why you are using the progesterone from day 7, which is before ovulation. It should only be used from ovulation, for the next 14 days. The luteal phase lasts 12-14 days in all women, bleeding coming afterwards. For more info please see How to use progesterone cream. There are many nutrients which help PCO, Metformin only reduces blood glucose levels. It does not and cannot address the cause. This is more often than not a lack of vitamin D, as you live in the UK this could well be a major factor. Please have a test done, for more info please see the Vitamin D council website. A lack of other antioxidants play a role too, as PCO's are caused by oxidative stress. We do have a page on PCOS. Please read through it, as it gives info on the causes, acne, hirsuitism, what foods to eat and avoid, and what supplements to take and how much progesterone is needed. The amount you are currently using is far too low to help, it needs to be at least 200mg/day if not more. Take care Wray

Oct 22, 2010
Much appreciated Wray...
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comments Wray. I took the progesterone cream from day 7 because I think I was classed as perimenopausal seeings as I was not ovulating at all. I don't know when or if I ovulate so have no idea when I should start taking it during my cycle.

I decided to stop taking the progesterone cream on day 27 of my last cycle and am now on day 43 and still no period. I have started taking Vit D supplements and am currently on 4000IU a day. I am due to go back to my consultant in a couple of weeks where they are doing repeat blood tests and a scan but I am sure the scan will show more cysts as I have only had 1 period since June.

I am going to ask him about the progesterone cream and start again on my next cycle. Thanks again for your advice.

I hope this is the answer because I can't take much more bad skin and stress over my fertility. Jessica.

Oct 23, 2010
Much appreciated Wray...
by: Wray

Hi Jessica It seems strange to 'class' you as peri-menopausal because you're not ovulating. I've not heard that one before! Your ovaries are obviously still functioning, as you still have a period, albeit not frequently. So it would be imperative to use the progesterone in a cyclic way. Although initially I feel it would be best for you to use it daily to give your ovaries a rest, and to prevent more cysts. But you would have to use a high amount, between 200-250mg/day which is ten times the amount you are using. Consider doing this for 2-3 months, once you feel stable, stop the cream. Whether this will initiate bleeding is hard to tell, but wait 14 days and then apply the cream again on day 15 for 14 days. At this point you don't know how long your cycle is, so it's best to stick to the 28 day cycle to begin with. It's essential to stop eating any starchy, sugary carbs, in fact if you follow the Paleo Diet this would be the best. They've had great success with acne. I don't know if you saw the link to their site on the PCOS page, but I'll give it again The Paleo Diet. I don't believe you are taking enough vitamin D, it should be a minimum of 5000iu's per day, in your case I would probably give 10000iu's, but would need to know your level. And please consider taking those other nutrients mentioned on the PCOS page too. They have all helped initiate ovulation. Take care Wray

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