Confused about dosages

I cannot thank all of you who run this site enough. I have learned so much and feel I'm finally understanding and starting to get the benefit of progesterone. Like another poster, I have drastically increased my dose and am feeling so much calmer, which I needed due to not only biological anxiety but also many real life stressors that are no doubt contributing to my decline in progesterone.

It's interesting that back in the 90s, I listened to a cassette tape of Dr. John Lee's "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause" book. I did not feel I needed the information at that time, but I most definitely need it now.

I have read Dr. Lee's instructions and also Dr. Dalton's instructions on progesterone use. Dr. Lee was much more conservative with his dosing instructions and I have been following them until a couple of days ago. I finally decided to try a higher dose, as Dr. Dalton would advocate, and am feeling much better quite quickly.

One thing Dr. Lee said concerns me, because I want to be sure I can use progesterone and continue getting positive effects from it, for as long as is necessary, even if that means decades, since I am now in menopause.

I would love to hear comments form those who run this site, since you have much more experience than I.




"You will find that when you start someone on a larger amount, like the whole jar the first month, ****mg. She will tolerate it very well. She may tolerate it for 3 months or 6 months but then you know something funny happens. It begins not working or she begins to get estrogen like effects.

And what happens is, when you have more progesterone than you need, it doesn't hurt anybody but what it does is to down regulate all of the progesterone receptors. They cannot tolerate the excessive overload that's occurring and they just shut down. And all of the sudden progesterone starts to not be as beneficial as it use to be.

So I am recommending to you that your selling point on your cream (xxxxxxxxxx) is that one jar is worth 4 or 5 months of use. The first month you could get away with using the whole jar but then it should be tapered down to normal physiological doses."

Note: Dr Lee does not endorse a particular brand of progesterone cream.

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Sep 01, 2020
Confused about dosages
by: Joy

Hi there

I am so pleased that progesterone has helped you, it will if used correctly as explained on the How to use Progesterone Cream page.

Dr Lee's knowledge on progesterone is excellent, although he is a bit off when it comes to dose. Dr Dalton gave excellent advice too, lower amounts of progesterone are not very effective and cause issues. She prescribe high doses for those suffering from severe PND. I am sure that you have read this.

Starting on a higher dose helps to overcome Estrogen Dominance, as well as those terrible adverse symptoms quicker. Once you feel stable, then you can slowly reduce the amount of progesterone to a level that suits you. Should symptoms return, then you need to increase again. As you have probably read between 100-200mg progesterone is needed, more if symptoms are severe. Anything less will aggravate estrogen receptors and one would then think that progesterone is not working There is no quick fix, time and patience is needed. As mentioned so many times, one will have to experiment to see what suits them. We are all different, what suits one, may not suit another.

Sep 02, 2020
Thank you / clarification
by: Anonymous

Dear Joy,
Thank you very much for the info.

I'm still confused about one thing.

My main question is,

"Can I continue progesterone at 100-200mg/day indefinitely or at some point am I going to have to decrease my dose to the 'Dr. Lee' levels of 20-40mg/day, in order to continue seeing benefits?

Sep 07, 2020
Thank you / clarificaiton
by: Joy

Hi there

As mentioned many times on this website and explained on the How to use Progesterone Cream page, nothing less than 100mg is needed. Using anything less will aggravate estrogen receptors making adverse symptoms worse. So to answer your question, yes use between 100-200mg, or more depending on how severe symptoms are. You could always try using less of course, that would be up to you to experiment but so many have tried without success.

Sep 12, 2020
Thank you Joy
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the clarification. I have read so much at this site and elsewhere but still couldn't conclude whether the progesterone would continue working indefinitely or if the receptors would eventually not respond as well (as Dr. Lee mentioned).

I have just entered menopause and was thinking of potentially 30+ years of needing to use progesterone, hoping it would not diminish in it's effectiveness over time. I pray not. Thank you.

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