Confused about dosage - any diagrams?

I had a pot of Serenity cream which was supposed to last 3 months but I don't think I've been using enough as I have 2/3rds of the pot left after 3 months.

It said use a pea size ammount whuch suggests quite a small amount but whilst some of my symptoms have gone, like water retention, I still get PMS headaches, tiredness and am so hungry. I'm also getting hot flashes and palpitations so wonder if I should be using more than a pea size amount?

I've never seen an image of how much to use and that would be useful if anyone could post a piccy, Thanks

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Apr 09, 2009
Confused about dosage - any diagrams?
by: Wray

All the successful studies on progesterone have used between 100-200mg/day, sometimes more. This is the reason your symptoms have not gone, the dose you are using is not high enough.

To obtain 100mg/day you would need to use 1 tsp/day of the Serenity, as it's a low dose cream. 200mg/day would require 2 tsp. If you used the Natpro you would need 3ml or just over 1/2tsp per day to get 100mg of progesterone. Hope this clarifies things. Take care, Wray.

Apr 12, 2009
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot for explaining. I will order Natpro when the Serenity is all gone, I did think it was a bit thin and watery too.

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