Conflicting Information

by Lynnrebecca

I will be a 20 year endometrial cancer survivor, this September. It has been a struggle, since my complete and total hysterectomy to feel well. My gyn doc offered me estrogen replacement, but I refused because I was scared to take them, because of my own lack of knowledge about estrogen replacement, and I was influenced by a female family member, by her negative comments, not to take them. So, I suffered. Then I read a about black cohosh, and decided to give it a try. It worked. My hot flashes went way down. However, I kept having this internal shivering shaking feeling, that I, as of yet, have not found listed as a menopausal symptom. Since this symptom did not occur as frequently as hot flashes, I could deal with having it. I was alright, using the black cohosh even though it didn't stop the internal shaking, thinning hair, and the fuzzy brain--until I came upon an article (I don't remember where) about a woman who had liver failure, associated with black cohosh, and then I think I found another case of liver failure associated with this herb. Nobody seemed to know why. I stopped taking black cohosh. I started taking icool. This supplement uses non-genistein. It worked, not as good as the black cohosh, though. By the time, I started the icool, I was also on quite of bit of other supplements, a costly endeavor. Fast forward to 2012, I read Dr. Lee 's book where he discusses progesterone. I started using progesterone cream, after a failed attempt at using the estring. I also used bi-estro care cream. I now use progesterone cream and estriol cream. Both help, but do not totally leave me symptom free. Some nights, hot flashes wake me up or prevent me from going to sleep easily. Sometimes the hot flashes make me feel sick, so that I tear up. And without my fish oil, and D3 and my other supplements, I take, I would always struggle with thinking and short term memory. And now I find on surmeno that women like me who have their estrogen needs met adequately, probably don't need progesterone. And lastly, this same site is citing information that shows a possible link to lung cancer from progestins use (yes they do include natural progesterone) It so hard to know who's information to trust. Regardless, I will continue using something, because if I didn't, I would have such poor quality of life. That is how severe my symptoms can be.

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