Cold Sores

by Dawn L.

Hi Wray-I got a cold sore from a lenghty dental appointment.
Can bioidentical progesterone creme be used to treat cold sores? I tried a little bit on it after having it for a week
and it looks a bit better. What do you think?

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Feb 10, 2012
cold sores
by: muriel

try L-Arginine, 500 mg maybe even 1,000 mg. It will get rid of your cold sore and if you take it daily, you may not even see one again. My son and I have had them all of our lives and nothing controls them. This did the trick!!!!

Feb 11, 2012
Cold Sores
by: Wray

Hi Dawn It's interesting what Muriel has found about taking arginine, as it does have anti-viral/tumour properties. But some say arginine causes the herpes outbreaks, and lysine should be taken. This paper explains the relationship between lysine and arginine, see here. These papers suggest taking lysine as a prophylactic, see here. here I'm delighted the progesterone seems to have helped, it is an antioxidant and does have anti-viral properties too. As evidenced by it's use in Cancer. Take care Wray

Mar 16, 2012
Also Try
by: Alice Smith

Have You tried Cymex Ultra Cream? It is very effective for Cold Sores.

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