Celina - confused

by Celina Da Silva
(South Africa)

Hi Wray

I wish I had come across your website earlier...

I am 52 years old and eventually gave into a full hysterectomy. I had battled for so many years, from about 35 years, with peri-menopause and menopause symptoms. But mostly it was the endometriosis, heavy bleeding and excruciating back pain that become the deciding factor. Thankfully the back pain is gone but mostly I'm just feeling miserable and depressed. The dizziness, face breakouts, insomnia, mood swings and general lethargy is still there.

At my check-up, two weeks ago I had imagined my gynea was going to put me one HRT'S because "I would feel much better" according to him and my GP. But low and behold he NOW tells me "I will not put you on HRT'S because you will pick up weight"(am already very over weight and pre-diabetic).

Needless to say I am completely confused. Some symptoms have diminished such as my hot flushes which are rare and low grade but otherwise still feeling depressed,perhaps the bed rest is a contributing factor...

Anyway my question is regarding shipments to South Africa. Do you have other clients from South Africa receiving your product and have they had any problems receiving it?-as our customs rules are pretty strict on imports and mostly just get confiscated at the airport.

I have read much on your page recently and hoped I would be able to start something that would help. Thank you for such a comprehensive website.

Kind regards

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Aug 19, 2016
Celina - confused
by: Joy

Hi Celina

Yes it can become very confusing especially when there are so many misinformed people adding their bit! I live in South Africa and have just emailed you. If not received please check your Junk Folder.

Take care.

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