cecilia....I forgot to tell you I am now able to take

by cecilia
(new zealand)

300mg magnesium daily.
I found that pills made me really sick, but then I was recommended powder form, and it actually eased my muscle pain within an hour!!!
So it's obvious my body wasn't able to absorb pills very well.
If anyone else is having problem with magnesium, I recommend trying powdered form.

But I still stuggle to increase Vitamin D.
I try to boost it up to 2000iu twice a week, and thats the best I can do.
If I take anymore than that, I get really sick.

At least some good news A???


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Oct 02, 2012
by: Penny

Thats great news! It made me think of something maybe since you can take it in powder form maybe what the capsule or tablet is made out of (and the fillers) could be making you sick.
Just a thought

Oct 05, 2012
cecilia....I forgot to tell you I am now able to take
by: Wray

Hi Cecilia This is good news! You might consider using the 'oil' I told Penny about. It's easy enough to make yourself, rather than buying it at great cost. Mix together 33g magnesium chloride with 67g of water. This will give you the 33% solution. You'll probably have to heat it to get it to dissolve as it's very concentrated. If it should crystallise out again, just re-heat it. Now that summer is coming, please try to get in the sun as naked as you can for at least 20mins per day. It's best during the hours of 10am to 2pm. You might find 10 mins is all you can take, as with the increase in vitamin D you could feel sick again. Maybe each day you could increase by one or two minutes the time you spend in the sun. Take care Wray

Oct 05, 2012
by: Wray

Hi Penny Good thought, often the fillers are at fault. Many find a topical magnesium 'oil' is very good. It doesn't cause any tummy upset either. It's called an 'oil' as it's sort of oily, although I don't think it feels oily! It's often a 33% solution, very high in magnesium. Take care Wray

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