Carpal Tunnel symptoms worsening...

by Rebecca
(Albuquerque, NM)

Hi, Wray
I stumbled onto your Web site yesterday in my search for answers as to why my carpal tunnel is progressively getting worse--to the point that I'm desperate. Let me give you a brief background: I first developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist and hand during my last pregnancy 17 years ago. The Ob/Gyn assured me that it would go away after birth. Well, it never went away. I have been sleeping with a wrist brace for 17 years, but for most of that time my right hand only went numb at night and would be fine upon arising, so it was tolerable. It never bothered me in the daytime.

A couple of years ago, my doctor put me on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. She tested me because I was experiencing chronic Candida that was flaring up at certain times in my cycle. My Testosterone was "abysmal", my progesterone was extremely low, but my estrogen was in the low end of the normal range. I did great for a year and felt better, but went back for new testing last year. She changed my doses and had me start taking DHEA and Pregnenolone. Within 2 days after starting the new regimen, my carpal tunnel was off the charts and now it was both hands! It has been so bad for the last 14 months, that I have nearly lost my mind. I went back to my doctor, but she said that carpal tunnel was the least of my worries and that some acupuncture would take care of it. Early 2014 I started acupuncture. It helped temporarily, then stopped working. I tried a different Acupuncturist to no avail. I stopped the DHEA. I also tried stopping the Pregnenolone. I went to a Chiropractor. I've used Essential oils for circulation. I sleep with a splint on both arms. I've tried rounds of N-saids and MSM to see if it was due to inflammation. Now it is so bad that I cannot sleep. My hands start going numb when I lay down and by 3:00 a.m. feel like they are on fire with shooting pains in my fingers. My forearms ache non-stop. Now, my hands go numb in daytime if I type or write. I have an appointment with a hand surgeon on Feb. 5th, but am desperate for relief. Hence my on-line searches which led me to your site yesterday.

After reading your information, I went home and checked my creams. Surprise! I discovered that my Progesterone Cream is combined with Bies! I am also using Estriol! So, I'm concluding that the change my doc made was to up my Estrogen when I was already Estrogen dominant and that's why everything spun out of control. I went to the organic natural grocery store last night and bought Progesterone cream 25 mg, and put on 4 pumps last night--right on my forearms, wrist, and hands. I set it by my bed and put on another pump around 3 a.m. I can say that my symptoms were perhaps 40% better. My hands went numb, but not until the wee hours of the morning and the burning was much less.

I have a question: should I proceed with the surgery appointment? Is Carpal tunnel release indicated for symptoms that are hormone caused?


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Jan 11, 2015
Carpal Tunnel symptoms worsening...
by: Wray

Hi Rebecca We do have a page on Carpal tunnel syndrome, unfortunately there's not much info about it, as no one seems to know why it's caused. They are running a study using progesterone, but the results are not out yet. I do know it has helped some, but not others, so you might have to have the surgery. But I would have thought a try to see if it would help you a good plan. You found 100mg helped the first night you used it, I suggest you continue with that, or increase as you see fit. We do have a page on Oestrogen Dominance, and others on Peri-menopause, Menopause and How to use Progesterone Cream. We do know from Saliva Tests that the progesterone in our cream is absorbed well. Take care Wray

Jan 22, 2015
Follow-up on Carpal Tunnel
by: Rebecca

I have now been using about 150 mg of Progesterone cream for about 3 weeks, and my carpal tunnel symptoms are steadily improving. The burning and pain are gone. My hands still go numb, but I am sleeping much better. My appointment with the hand surgeon is in 2 weeks. Now I don't know whether to go to the appointment or postpone it to see how I get along.

Feb 24, 2015
Question for Wray re. Carpal Tunnel symptoms
by: Rebecca

I am so confused. As I had reported above, my symptoms had improved so much, that I postponed my visit to the Hand surgeon. Now they are back--worse than ever. When I wake up in the morning, my right hand is so swollen that I cannot close it all the way. The pain in my right palm is severe. Both hands go completely numb and I get burning in my fingers. It takes until noon or later for my hands to feel normal each day.

My gynecologist changed my prescription. She had me stop taking the Estriol, continue with the Testosterone, and upped the Progesterone in my Prog/Biest Cream to 100mg, of which I am applying 4 pumps per day--2 in the a.m. and 2 in the p.m as prescribed. I am also supplementing with over the counter Progesterone--about 4-6 pumps per day. Can you please comment as to why my symptoms might have returned? Thanks

Feb 25, 2015
Follow-up on Carpal Tunnel
by: Wray

Hi Rebecca I suggest you stop all hormones and see what happens. Then apply only progesterone and about 400mg/day and see if that helps. Oestrogen is an inflammatory hormone, and it causes oedema, so it would not be helping. Testosterone is converted into oestrogen so you're getting a double dose. Take care Wray

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