Can’t get normal after progesterone shortage

by TLC

Hi Joy,

I’m 41, I’ve been using natpro for maybe 8-10 months now. My ratio when starting was 8:1, so I was in bad shape. I did great on the cream and saw amazing differences….and then the shipping delay/shortage occurred and I cannot get back to a good place with this. I was, and am, using 400mg per day. My cycles have slowly gotten worse, they’re so heavy and painful now, almost like before I ever used the cream at all. Should I attempt to use more cream and see how it goes? Is there any chance I have a faulty batch after that delay? It’s just been so bizarre ever since. I appreciate any input. Thank you!

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Oct 03, 2022
Can’t get normal after progesterone shortage
by: Joy


Yes your ratio was low. It would take a long time to get to the required 600:1 ratio. I am delighted that you noticed a difference. COVID caused many delays shipping wise and when progesterone is not used it sets things back as you have experienced. One really has to start all over again which is extremely annoying.

You are in Peri-Menopause where the monthly cycle becomes erratic. It's a torrid time for most women sadly, the same as Menopause. Please consider trying the heavy bleeding protocol mentioned on the website, use the search bar. It has helped so many women. Do bear in mind that nothing will help with the natural process of the body. Progesterone does make things bearable though. I suggest that you stick with 400mg Natpro per day, it's a good amount and needed for the heavy bleeding protocol.

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