Candida and Progesterone Therapy

by Chyrise
(Burbank, CA)

Hi Wray, I wrote recently and told my story about having chronic intestinal candida as well as a bunch of symptoms relating to estrogen dominance for several years now. I began natural progesterone cream 7 days ago. I'm using approx 175mg per day divided into two doses a day.

My question is regarding the amount to use initially, when to start decreasing, and what a maintenance dose should be.

I'm wondering since I have a candida problem if I should be taking a higher dose to begin? I'm feeling candida relief some days, others it flares up. And how long should I take the higher dose? How do I know when to begin decreasing the dose and what is the maintenance dose we should take from there on in?

I've also had some water retention during these first days starting the cream. It seems the hair loss problem might be getting somewhat better though which is a plus.

Please advise. And again thanks so much for being such a help to all of us who feel so lost in these hormonal imbalance nightmares!

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Jan 02, 2011
Candida and Progesterone Therapy
by: Wray

Hi Chyrise I remember your query, candida is such a problem now with so many of us. Too much oestrogen in the environment! I must have given our Candida page, but in case not it's here again. The amount you are using is good, so I suggest you stick with it for now. If at any time stress hits you, please increase it, as symptoms can come back. If you feel the flare ups are too many, increase it then too. If you feel your other symptoms are taking too long to go, increase it. Please use some in your vagina if the candida troubles you there too. Progesterone is absorbed exceptionally well there, due to the many blood vessels. Only start decreasing the amount once symptoms have gone or are certainly better. But when you do please do it slowly, slowly! Stay on the reduced amount for a few days until reducing again. You'll soon know if you've gone too low, too fast. A maintenance amount is difficult to advise on, each of us has different needs. I still use about 170mg/day, and that's after 15 years of using it. If we could only find a clean planet, with little stress, we wouldn't need it at all! I can only suggest you try different amounts to find the one that suits. I must confess to never measuring it, I just rub some on when I feel the need, usually more than twice a day too. It took 6 months for all my symptoms to go, but then I was using the recommended amount of 20-40mg/day. I would hope yours go much faster on the higher amount. I do hope you managed to find some MCT oil (caprylic/capric triglycerides). The caprylic acid is so effective against candida, and one teaspoon will give you about 3000mg/day caprylic acid. As it travels in the blood stream without being metabolised, it's also effective against systemic candida. The water retention is a normal reaction to the progesterone, due to it stimulating oestrogen, but it should pass soon enough. I'm happy the hair problem seems to be resolving, did I give you the nutrients to take? In case not they are 2000mg/day N-acetyl cysteine, 2000mg/day inositol, 2-3mg biotin and 100mg thiamine (B1). Thanks for the kind words too! Take care Wray

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