Can the Progesterone/Vitamin D3 combo help strengthen cartilage & bone health/osteoporosis.

by Pam Wood

14 August 2017 England

Hi there, I'm a 67 year old woman, still working as a teacher, very healthy, currently not and never been on medication, don't even know which of the doctors I'm registered with at my local surgery; I feel very blessed.

However, I was born it seems, with one leg slightly shorter than the other, had a raised shoe as a child to 'correct' the skeletal imbalance or should I say, to balance the pelvis as I walked. However, that was discarded as I got older, I've had no adverse symptoms from it except, I would say, as a result of wear and tear and perhaps the menopause, the 'stress' on the pelvic mis-alignment has resulted in cartilage loss on my left hip bone. Now, as the cartilage on my left hip bone has worn away, I feel pain in the lower back, the nerves which emanate from there and travel around the hip from there going into the groin known as Femoro Acetabular Impingement is where the femoral & obdurate nerves are impaired and can cause slight pain.

I really want to avoid having a Hip Arthroscopy done before arthritis develops though they say it helps protect the hip joint's surfaces and reduces the risk of early osteoarthritis and this minimally invasive procedure will delay the need to undergo a hip replacement later on down the line, I'm still not happy to just leave that to fate.

So will progesterone therapy/Vitamin D3 help - can the cartilage regrow and bone health be restored? I am a strong believer in mind health equates to body health, that there is an undeniable connection between our mental intention to create our best possible body health. I am exercising this every day and over the last 2 years since this condition became apparent, there has been a marked improvement.

I have already bought the progesterone cream from you and Vitamin D3 1000iu and started applying them a few days ago. I would appreciate your ideas, comments, guidance and application protocol.

Thank you.

My best

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Aug 14, 2017
can the progesterone....
by: Anonymous

I would say absolutely Vitamin D3 and progesterone can help. Having vitamin D levels in optimal actually assists progesterone's absorption.
You are right to go this natural path, as so called " medications" for these sorts of issues appear to have adverse side affects. I am the same age as you and my Vitamin D level is well above optimal range - ideally between 60 -100ng/ml. I am very flexible and exercise regularly.

Vitamin D is virtually the only blood test I do on a fairly regular basis. I also take no medications apart from natural thyroid - non prescription. Magnesium glycinate is also important together with an algae sourced calcium, and vitamin K2 7 to help "place" the calcium in the right places.

Amongst other inflammatory natural supplements , I would suggest Tumeric!

Progesterone has huge anti inflammatory benefits. This and the vitamin D3 (and its myriad benefits) can only be good for you!

Aug 14, 2017
Can the Progesterone/Vitamin D3 combo help strengthen cartilage & bone health/osteoporosis.
by: Joy

Hi Pam

Progesterone and Vitamin D3 work together, a vitamin D3 deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. However, vital co-factors are needed when taking vitamin D3, the most important being Magnesium and vitamin K2 with NO soy. The pages given below will explain how they all work together. Basically vitamin D3 helps the body to absorb the calcium that we get from our diet, if you are taking calcium supplements please chuck them in the trash case and read and view 'Death by Calcium' listed below. It's Vitamin K's job to direct that calcium to areas in the body where it is needed most i.e. teeth, bones, etc and not to areas where it is not needed like arteries where calcium deposits build up, not what is needed. Magnesium's job is to keep the calcium in those vital parts of the body. Because of this D3, vitamin K and magnesium build our bones and not calcium.

I can quite imagine the pain that you experience. Both progesterone and vitamin D3 are potent anti-inflammatories, they will help to ease the pain. Rub Natpro on any painful area. I suggest that you use 200mg of Natpro per day, every day, do not take a break at all. I am 61 and have been using Natpro every day for 14/15 years now. You will have to experiment with the amount used. What suits one, may not suit another.

If you could try to avoid arthritis from developing that would be a good desicion. Arthritis and especially RA has a predominance of Th1 inflammatory cytokines. Progesterone inhibits them, see links below. A high level of MMP's are also present in RA, these cause destruction of the cartilage. Progesterone also inhibits the MMP's. Elevated estrogen is found in RA, estrogen is an inflammatory hormone. Progesterone suppresses excess estrogen. But above all please have a vitamin D3 test done, a lack of this causes RA, plus a lack reduces the benefits of progesterone as mentioned. Nothing less than 5,000iu's of D3 is needed per day, more if you are deficient. Vitamin C also helps cartilages.

Please read these pages and the references:

How to use Progesterone Cream

Estrogen Dominance

Vitamin D3

Watch: Death by Calcium



T1/T2 cell balance in rheumatoid arthritis

Direct and Indirect Inhibition of Th1 Development by Progesterone and Glucocorticoids

Novel inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinase gene expression as potential therapies for arthritis

Sex hormones influence on the immune system: basic and clinical aspects in autoimmunity

Aug 26, 2017
Wow Joy, thank you for such mega informed information! Fantastic.
by: Pam Wood

If you would be so very kind, Joy, to further help...

I have already started using the Progesterone cream but how much is 200-400mg - is it 1 pump or 2 or what?
And if you would be so very kind would you please read through the supplements I take for optimum health as I am self-dosing & I'm sure there's a lot I don't need now I'm using Nature and Vitamin D3? And maybe others I should add like Vit K?

VitaminEster-C 500mg - 2 daily
Vitamin B-Complex - 1 daily
Pure Cod Liver Oil w/ 240mg activeOmega 3 & Vits A&D 1000mg - 1 daily
Turmeric 400mg - 2 daily
Chelated Magnesium/Calcium 2:1 (Mag 600mg/Cal 300mg) - 1 daily
Vitamin D3 3000iu - 2 daily
Potassium Citrate 100mg - 1 daily
Vitamin B1 100mg - 1 daily
Co-Q10 300mg - 1 daily

Continuing further may I ask your advice on a supplement I just bought in the light of my having started applying Natpro & taking Vitamin D3. I think I may need to return it as it's probably conflicting?

The product is E-Plexx from It claims that - "E-Plexx is designed to encourage overall hormonal health and balance, including support for the thyroid. Youth recapturing and anti-aging; skin and health beauty from within; supports metabolism and tranquility" and on the bottle it claims to 'maintain estrogen & balanced hormone levels'.
It's the 'Estrogen' word that bothers me and the wording itself? Please advise.
Thank you so much Joy.
My best

Aug 28, 2017
Wow Joy, thank you for such mega informed information! Fantastic.
by: Joy

Hi Pam

One full pump of Natpro delivers 50mg/1.5ml of cream. So 4 full pumps equates to 200mg.

Vitamin K2 with NO soy is vital as mentioned on the magnesium page given to you to read - 100mcg is needed per day. Let's break down the rest for you.

* VITAMIN C - RDA 500mg
* VITAMIN B COMPLEX - I have no idea of what this is, what B's and the amounts
* PURE COD LIVER OIL - this is not recommended at all. Liver is loaded with vitamin A, we get enough from our food, if deficient in vit A take beta carotene instead. Toxicity could be a problem if too much is taken
* TURMERIC - make sure that you are taking black pepper with this for better absorption
* MAGNESIUM - please refer to the magnesium page for the correct use and amounts
* CALCIUM - should never be taken, in fact it belongs in the trash can. Please refer to the vitamin D3 page, it explains that calcium does not build bones, vitamin D3, magnesium and vitmain K2 does. Please view the video - Death by Calcium
VITAMIN D3 - nothing less than 5,000iu's per day is needed, refer to the vitamin D3 page
POTASSIUM CITRATE - I am yet to speak to anyone else who is taking it. I can't comment as I really do not know of it's benefits or side effects, if any.
* VITAMIN B1 - RDA 25mg, why are you taking so much and isn't it in the B Complex?
CO-Q10 - RDA 50mg

You can be sure that if E-Plexx worked I would know about it. It claims to do all the things that progesterone does, so why take it if you are using progesterone? More concerning is that it has estrogen, according to your description. This would add to your symptoms, definitely not what you need. Nope, trash can/return if it were up to me.

I would like you to add up what you are spending on your nutrition, then take a look at Energy Boost which was also formulated by Wray Whyte, I take it every day as it has everything except vitamin K2 and magnesium and of course Omega 3 fish oil which is very important to take as well. It actually helps to reverse insulin as well.

Energy Boost

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