Can take no more

by Laurie
(Stockton, California)

Hello Wray,

I love your site and all you are about. I have scoured your site as much as best I can, yet find that maybe emailing my query to you is best.

I suffer from severe PMS/PMDD. I get to have maybe 1 week a month of sanity before angry, murderous moods, insomnia, cravings, bloat, 5-9lbs of monthly weight gain, breast tenderness beyond comprehension and just obnoxious life upheaval. I have looked into birth controls to get rid of my period all together... BUT I AM 45.... So I am guessing I am in Peri... I, honestly, do not think I can sustain another 5-10 years of this madness. I and others close to me, need solutions.

I have been using the cream for a month and found it extremely helpful with insomnia, moods and irritation, even breast tenderness.

If I get on a birth control that eliminates my period, will the progesterone cream still be effective?

Honeslty. this whole monthly period thing... Needs to just be obsolete after having children - or like me - none at all..

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Nov 11, 2015
Can take no more
by: Joy

Hi Laurie

I am so sorry that you are going through a rough time. Peri-Menopause can be a living hell for some women, but it need not be with the help of progesterone therapy. All your symptoms indicate that you are suffering from terrible Estrogen Dominance symptoms. You might like to read the Anxiety page as well, and it could also mean that your testosterone levels are too high, have you had this tested? Cravings, although an estrogen dominance symptom can also mean Insulin Resistance which does happen at around peri-menopause.

What cream are you using and how much? I do not recommend the pill at all as all contraceptives and HRT have a potential to cause harm, besides, why go on the pill in peri-menopause? Please read How to use Progesterone Cream. If you do not use it correctly it will not work.

Doe you know what your Vitamin D3 level is as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to every single functioning cell in our bodies.

Have faith, you will get there provided the correct progesterone cream is used correctly.

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