Can Sage drops be taken additional to the Natpro Cream

by Rose
(South Africa)

Hello Wray

I have just spoken to a lady who has gotten her hot flushes under control with Sage drops.She tested her hormones on the Scio Scan and then ordered this mixture from the Chemist and took this with her Solal Progesterone Cream and her hot flushes has now ceased.
I am still on 8mg Of Natpro and today is my last day and as I still get 3 flushes a day decided to ask the Chemist for a mixture of the drops.
The ingredients of the drops are as follows:
Aplex Agnus Cactfro
Aplex Cimicracerad
Aplex Withaniasomni
I have not taken it yet as I would like your opinion on the ingredients of the Sage drops first.
Could you please tell me whether it will have a negative impact on the Natpro cream?

Rose Kruger

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Dec 20, 2012
Can Sage drops be taken additional to the Natpro Cream
by: Wray

Hi Rose Those names you've given me has even Google stumped! I'm taking a guess but I think the first is Agnus castus, the second Cimicifuga racemosa, often referred to as black cohosh and the third is Withania somnifera or ashwanganda. I've no idea if I'm right but if I am, Agnus castus has been used for many problems which women suffer from, PMS, mastalgia, menstrual irregularities, fibrocystic breasts, reducing prolactin, increasing lactation and more, see here. In days gone by it was used by monks to reduce sexual desire, hence it's name 'chasteberry'. It can also reduce prolactin levels, prolactin is an inflammatory hormone and can cause tender breasts, see here, and luteal phase dysfunction, with subsequent problems in embryo implantation, see here. But because it has a mild oestrogenic action, levels of 17 beta-oestradiol can increase. One study found mild ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome occurred in the luteal phase, see here. If Prolactin levels are high both progesterone and the amino acid tyrosine are very affective at suppressing it. Agnus castus doesn't contain progesterone. Black cohosh is also oestrogenic, and ashwaganda is an adaptogen, good for stress. So I can't see where the 'sage' fits in! If it does have extracts in it from sage, this contains geraniol which has oestrogenic activity. Not that that will stop me using it in food! The reason the drops helped your friend is the oestrogenic activity they have. I never advise using an oestrogen for this, as progesterone is just as effective, and safer too. Continued below

Dec 20, 2012
Can Sage drops be taken additional to the Natpro Cream Part 2
by: Wray

Hi Rose You say you are on 8mg of progesterone which confuses me. 8mg of Natpro would be 1/4 of 1ml of cream. This will do nothing for you. Do you perhaps mean 8ml of cream? If so this is giving you about 270mg progesterone. I've found Hot Flushes need at least 400mg/day, sometimes more. Another confusion I have, you say 'this is your last day', what do you mean by this? Are you still trying to follow your cycle? It appears you are either in Peri-menopause or Menopause. As cycles are either erratic or non existent I see no point in doing this. You might like to contact our distributor in SA. Her name is Joy, her website is here. I will send her info on the above herbs which she can forward to you. Take care Wray

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