Can progesterone (or anything) help with Alopecia Totalis?

by S
(North Carolina)

About 5 years ago I lost all of my hair (head & body) to Alopecia. Before that, I had "spot baldness" and was treated with creams and cortizone shots - worked successfully for many years, but eventually did not work for me.

I now have to wear a wig, have no eye brows or eye lashes. Feel like a freak without make-up. Can anything help me at this point?

Thank you for your advice!

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Feb 16, 2011
Can progesterone (or anything) help with Alopecia Totalis?
by: Wray

Hi S Although no one seems to know the reason, it's generally agreed it's an autoimmune disorder, in fact other autoimmune disorders have been found combined with it. Stress has also been known to cause it, did you suffer a traumatic event 5 years ago? I'm not convinced by the autoimmune theory, as low vitamin D levels have been found in all autoimmune disorders. One paper says... 'Alopecia is a feature of vitamin D receptor mutations, see here. Mutations are generally caused by oxidative stress, ie free radical damage. This could quite possibly be due to lack of vitamin D, a potent antioxidant and hormone. Please have a test done, for more info see the Vitamin D council and GrassrootsHealth websites. I've given you a selection of papers below where hair re-growth has occurred, see here, here, here, here, here and here. Unfortunately all are drug related, but interestingly a statin combo increased hair growth. Equally interesting a study found increased levels of vitamin D after statin therapy, see here. One study showed the use of alefacept, a genetically engineered immunosuppressive drug, caused complete regrowth of scalp and body hair after a single 12-week treatment, see here. Vitamin D does have immunosuppressive properties too and as it's low in most of us, it's worth trying, see here and here. Finally progesterone has some immunosuppressive properties too. If interested in trying it please see How to use progesterone. Take care Wray

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