Can progesterone open fallopian tubes?

Hello, I am wondering, can progesterone therapy open fallopian tubes?
If so, how much should I take?

My doctor suggested gettting surgery for the blocked fallopian tube but I want to see if progesterone would help instead?

Please, any advice on this subject would be helpful.

Thank you so much in advance!!! Xox

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Jul 24, 2017
Can progesterone open fallopian tubes?
by: Joy

Have you had your progesterone and estrogen (E2) levels tested? Not only is progesterone and estrogen balance vital to the menstrual cycle overall, but it is vital to the health and proper function of the fallopian tubes as well. Studies have shown that low progesterone levels, smoking and use of fertility medications may alter how the fallopian tubes function, which increases risk for ectopic pregnancy. Any of the conditions above may cause a partial tubal blockage as well, which also increases risk for ectopic pregnancy.

Are you experiencing any pain at all? Have you been tested for Endometriosis? Please read the page, it may be helpful to you.

I see no reason why not to try progesterone, it can only benefit you anyway. If you are considering trying progesterone therapy please make sure to read the following pages and references. If you do have endo, then progesterone therapy is very much needed. Take note of Estrogen Dominance.

Hope this helps.

Estrogen Dominance

How to use Progesterone Cream


Vitamin D3


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